While the world is busy worrying about the coronavirus or Covid-19, many people forget that there are still a number of threats out there we need to be cautious about! North Korea has just recently fired ATLEAST THREE unidentified projectiles towards Japan, as reported by the South Korean military themselves.

The world could be in the risk of major warfare if this matter is not addressed as quickly as possible. North Korea does not have a problem with the coronavirus or Covid-19 because its current protective measure is to kill those who show up positive with the virus to prevent the virus from spreading. 

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(Photo : Screenshot From Juwai.com Facebook Page)
Kim Jong Un

What has North Korea been working on?

Apparently, this is not the first time projectiles have been fired over the past year as things have started to become sour between Kim Jong-Un and the Trump administration. All the rumors about North Korea, creating a superweapon could be true! As of now, not much surveillance is being put on monitoring North Korea, although it is still considered a threat as the manufacturing of weapons has been the focus of North Korea for quite some time now.

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Talks between the United States and North Korea have failed

The United States and North Korea were not able to restart talks since last year when Washington deliberately refused to give in to Kim Jong-Un's demands for concessions. President Donald Trump has been putting the effort in convincing North Korea to give up its collection of the nuclear arsenal and rely on the personal relationship with the United States. This has all been done to get Kim pressured through sanctions brought towards him. The two superpowers have been engaged in a weird relationship as both countries know the capacity of each other's military and weapon collection, but talks seem on the rather red side of the communication.

What is Trump doing about the whole situation?

Trump has already had two different summits with Kim and has even met him at a demilitarized zone between the North and the South to ensure a respectable environment for their talks. Washington and Pyongyang, however, were not able to strike a deal as North Korea refused to give up its entire nuclear arsenal as well as the United States refusing to roll back on its sanctions.

The situation heavily circulates the coronavirus

As the whole world is struggling to deal with the coronavirus or Covid-19 and as North Korea's neighbor, South Korea struggles to deal with the 7,300 infected within their country, North Korea seems to be taking advantage by possibly launching unexpected attacks towards other countries. The extreme practice of North Korea to kill those infected with the coronavirus or Covid-19 has proven effective but is still the most inhumane way to deal with the virus today.

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As for the results of the "unidentified projectiles," the best we can do is hope that this is not a superweapon set to cause destruction but rather at least just a test prototype that does not intend to do any damage.

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