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India Satellite Missile Test Created So Much Space Junk That Now Threatens The ISS

India's satellite missile test generated a pile of junk in space, leaving NASA officials disappointed. NASA said the event places astronauts and ongoing space experiments in the ISS at risk.

Space April 2, 2019

Worker Who Sent Hawaii Missile Alert Thought It Was A Real Attack

New information about the Hawaiian false missile alert has surfaced. The worker who sent out the alert thought that there was an imminent attack on the state.

Viral January 30, 2018

Japan Goes Through False North Korean Missile Alert Similar To Hawaii

Japan faced a false alarm announcing that a missile strike was imminent. While it wasn't from the government like the Hawaii incident, the alert came through a public broadcaster.

Defense January 16, 2018

The Mystery Of The Glowing Ball Over Siberia Solved: Not Aliens, But You Might Wish It Was

The mystery of the glowing ball over the skies of Siberia has finally been solved. The explanation for the phenomenon, however, is not from science fiction but rather from something that is very real.

Earth/Environment October 31, 2017

US Ally Takes Down $200 Drone From Amazon With Patriot Missile Worth $3 Million

A modern Samson versus Goliath story with a twist. A U.S. ally shoots at a suspicious low-cost drone using the Patriot, a super expensive high-powered missile.

Defense March 18, 2017

India Successfully Test-Fires Supersonic Interceptor Missile

India marked its successful interceptor missile launch last Sunday, the 12th time that the missile was test-fired. The country continues to develop interceptor missiles to thwart hostile attacks.

Defense May 16, 2016

North Korea Claims Successful Launch Of Ballistic Missile From Submarine

North Korea announced on April 24 the successful launch of its submarine ballistic missile test under the watch of Kim Jong-un. From the looks of it, the United Nations will not take North Korean nuclear tests and related activities lightly.

Life & Style April 25, 2016

US, Japan Conduct Second Test Of Missile Interceptor Off Southern California Coast

The U.S. Navy successfully conducted a missile interceptor test off the coast of Southern California last Tuesday, Dec. 8. The tested SM-3 Block IIA missile boasts of a more able kill vehicle and bigger rocket motors for better protection against ballistic missile threats.

FUTURE TECH December 10, 2015

US Military Completes $230 Million Test Of Layered Missile Defense System

The United States military completed the comprehensive testing of its layered missile defense system, involving the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, and the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense weapons systems. The testing cost around $230 million.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2015

China’s Hypersonic Dongfeng 21D Ballistic Missile Is An Aircraft Carrier Killer

China unveils the Dongfeng 21D, which is one of the most talked about missiles of late. Nicknamed the carrier killer, the Dongfeng 21D is believed to be a real game changer.

FUTURE TECH October 23, 2015

US Military To Launch Second Radar-Equipped Airship To Beef Up Missile Defense System Along East Coast

The United States military is about to launch the second radar-equipped airship in Aberdeen, Maryland. The airships are equipped with radar systems that can detect objects such as cruise missiles.

FUTURE TECH August 20, 2015

Hypersonic U.S. Army weapon destroyed right after launch

Weapon meant to strike anywhere on Earth at hypersonic speeds destroyed after detection of launch malfunction. Weapon was being launched at Alaskan test site.

Space August 26, 2014

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