Just recently, the SpaceX Dragon fired away into the International Space Station (ISS) as the count goes up to the 20th final flight, which is under the company's contract with NASA. The partnership was a successful one and has seen the delivery of about 94,000 pounds of both supplies and equipment to the space lab---it took eight years and was signed for about $3 billion. 

The contract has been fulfilled

This California rocket-building company has finally finished their contract, covering about half a dozen flights to the International Space Station through 2024. Thus, making full utilization of SpaceX's Crew Dragon, which is a ferry ship that is designed to carry astronauts to space. The first launch of this project is seen to launch this late October.

The ideal accomplishment

The company is trying to recover the rocket's recently flown first stage with plans of returning and landing to Zone 1, which is located at the Air Force station. The Friday launch saw SpaceX successfully being able to recover about 49 boosters as well as 31 drone ships and also 16 at Cape Canaveral and also two at the Vandenberg Air Force Base located in California. Eight out of these launches ended in failure.

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The implications of a successful launch by the Dragon Capsule

Should the Dragon capsule be able to reach NASA's International Space Station without much problems successfully, this could see another huge progress for NASA. This current coming flight will be loading about 4,358 pounds of massive crew supplies, which include science gear and other equipment. The inclusions of this equipment entail the European Space Agency's (ESA) experimental platform called the Bartolomeo, which will be on top of ESA's Columbus laboratory module. There will also be spare parts for the station's urine recycling system and also rodent habitat hardware as well as other various experiments.

Other experiments on board

NASA is not just finding out the capabilities of human beings in space but is now moving forward to trying to bring other species to space as well. This could progress into the whole new space company, which is vaguely planned for the future. It seems like the more NASA sends experiments to space, we may witness these experiments connect more to livability rather than just discovery.

The goal of the research is to better the understanding of water

According to NASA, the very goal of their current research is to be able to optimize water consumption in space by finding the relationship between the size of the water droplet as well as the momentum which is needed to maximize the whole user experience while limiting the amount of water required.

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The Dragon Capsule has been an instrumental tool for progress

Currently, the Dragon capsule has been the only flying cargo ship that is capable of bringing equipment from earth to NASA's ISS. It has been one of the most instrumental tools for NASA's progress as a total of 74,000 pounds have already been brought to the station.

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