[VIRAL VIDEO] Coronavirus: It Started With 'Sore Throat,' Now Couple from Diamond Princess Have COVID-19
(Photo : Screenshot from: The Project Video Via Daily Mail UK ) [VIRAL VIDEO] Coronavirus: It Started With 'Sore Throat,' Now Couple from Diamond Princess Have COVID-19

Two of the passengers from Diamond Princess cruise in Yokohama, Japan, were confirmed with Coronavirus or COVID-19. The couple went on a trip with the said cruise line when they were told to get tested for the viral disease. Both of them were shocked when the results came positive since they did not experience any symptoms aside from 'sore throat' before the testing day.

This Australian couple didn't realize they have Coronavirus until this happened

As reported via Daily Mail UK, an Australian couple named Daniel Tester and Anber Celik were invited to get on a free trip to Japan through the Diamond Princess cruise. Unfortunately, after staying on the cruise, both of them were later confirmed with the viral disease Coronavirus and advised to undergo quarantine along with other passengers that were inside the cruise. 

Interestingly, both of them said on the viral video that they did not experience any illnesses or common colds when they were inside the cruise. 

"I didn't feel any symptoms all the way through, and it was a massive shock to find out just as we thought we were going to embark on a plane to Darwin," said Daniel Tester on the video.

At the same time, his girlfriend Anber said that she only experienced a mild 'sore throat' on the first day of the quarantine process-- aside from that, no other symptoms were experienced by both parties.

" I had a sore throat on the fourth of Feb., which was the first day of quarantine began on the ship, but besides that, I didn't experience any other symptoms," she said.  

The couple also mentioned that they were shocked when they found out that both of them have the same viral disease since they do not feel anything terrible that authorities must watch out when they were inside the cruise.

Couple said that they were thankful that they did not felt anything while having the Coronavirus

Though they were bothered at first when their results turned positive, the couple said that they were very thankful that they did not experience massive changes in their bodies, unlike other cases all over the world.

"With all the hysteria and all the concern about it, I thought that I would be feeling a lot of symptoms or being really unwell, so I was really thankful I was fine," said Anber.

A total of 542 confirmed Coronavirus victims were inside the cruise, and experts have been saying that the cruise has now become a source of infection for all people inside. 

Coronavirus: Type S and Type L viruses

Tech Times reported last week that Coronavirus is now confirmed to have two types: Type S and Type L. Type L viruses make up 70 percent of all positive cases around the world, which were shown in an aggressive and more contagious way. This virus is shown with violent symptoms that can be seen within the quarantine period.

However, Type S viruses make up 30 percent of all cases, and they are thought to be more slow-builder inside the body. This means that symptoms can only be activated after 14 quarantine days-- which might be the reason why the couple only experienced mild symptoms at first. 

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