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Apple's nightmare about failing to deliver items to people has come true due to the coronavirus. Here are some of the top news in Apple right now that you should know if you're planning on upgrading your phone or planning on switching to Apple products anytime soon. 

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Apple Uses a New Interactive Way in Their Apple Store; Might Cause Spreading the Coronavirus or Smart Way to Decrease Their Employees Chance of Getting Infected?

new interactive experience invites you to learn more about its features and what makes the iPhone unique. The display highlights a different reason why customers would want to switch to the iPhone, and even the seasoned veteran iPhone users don't know about.

Apple Store
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The display shown has about 20 iPhones, including its hardware and software, with stunning synchronized animated video loops to TAP and SWIPE to learn more. 

The very reason for the cause of concern for the potential spread of the coronavirus there is because of the mention to tap and swipe. Since a LOT of people will try this new experience out knowing Apple's fan base. If not properly cleaned or sanitized every time the devices are used, it might spell disaster.

iPhone 12 Delayed A Month, iPhone 9 or iPhone SE Much Worse Due to The Obvious Reason: Coronavirus

iPhone 12
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The Samsung Galaxy S20 is almost coming to stores near you. However, Apple's response to Samsung's flagship is slow to draw and will even be slower now due to the virus outbreak. According to the report from Bloomberg, the i Phone 12 launch will be delayed for about a month longer based on supply chain expert Elliot Lan.

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iPhone SE 2
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Lan said as well that iPhone SE2 will be delayed "by a few months" due to "both supply issues as well as the weaker demand environment from COVID-19."

Apple's biggest partner Foxconn will not also have full working capacity until the end of March.

More Causes for Delays

Last February, Apple stopped sending its engineers to China, and this has stalled the production of the iPhone 12. Now the travel ban reached up to April. Usually, they tend to release their phones around September like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro or October like the iPhone XR and iPhone X. Due to the coronavirus, however, it seems that this will not be the case for this year and will be delayed much more significantly. 

So now the iPhone SE will be available in April instead of their usual plan for this month. 

Delays are to be expected, but this costs more money for Apple. The virus itself is causing major changes in our world, not just in health, tech, and now our lifestyles, which will only get worse for consumers like us in the days to come. 

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