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Google advises businesses around the world to update their business information on Google's listing and database to reflect on the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses are urged to identify whether their business or establishment is affected by the said virus.

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Google published a post that is a document that says businesses will be able to edit relevant information such as business contact number, operating hours, and even business description. Google Post is also available to make information dissemination a lot easier.

Google My Business is a tool used by business establishments to manage and organize their online presence, especially on Google's ecosystem. Its ability to display information for almost any establishment around the world pushes Google to implement in their public safety protocol.

Google's Published Post

Google started making changes on their My Business support page by placing a note that is visible on the top side of the web page.

The notice is directed towards businesses that have been compromised from the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Google also adds Learn More section that directs towards the help document that Google published.

Business updates and edits will take shortly and will update on all Google services such as Maps and even on the search engine where more traffic is involved. Google suggested that those who are planning to close early because of the outbreak are advised to accurately edit their business operating hours.

If there are notices and things businesses want to inform their customers and clients, they should add descriptions.

Through descriptions, businesses can also confirm or deny whether their establishment is affected. Businesses can also let people know whether precautions are being taken to battle the COVID-19 outbreak.

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For more information, customers are entitled to reach businesses. Google signals businesses to update their contact numbers on their database to make it easier for people to contact any establishment they want to inquire about.

Google Post is also an accurate and helpful way to broadcast everything that is happening in any business. It also offers more in-depth information give-away and also timely and consistent.

Review and Revise

Google wants everything published on the public by businesses to be accurate and final. They advise that a thorough review is needed to make sure that everything on the Google Ecosystem is factual.

Revisions are also encouraged since data and information aren't always the same as time passes by. Google makes it a lot easier for revisions and edit to happen, so there is no excuse.

Google implemented a policy to thoroughly review the supplied data by the businesses that are currently listed on Google Search and Maps. New business establishments might also need to wait for some time for their entry to be approved a submission.

The edit approval policy that Google is imposing is to make sure that the information given by businesses are inside their business guidelines. This means that edits and posts may be rejected if they don't qualify for Google's standards when it comes to editing.

A large number of people that visit Google Search and Maps would see the approved updated business edits and posts first. This ability to edit any business information on Google is available anytime.

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