(Photo : Marzio Toniolo/via REUTERS) Life inside a red zone: A man wearing a protective mask holds a bouquet of flowers on a street outside on the 16th day of quarantine in San Fiorano, one of the 11 small towns in northern Italy that has been on lockdown since February. There has been some confusion over whether residents of these towns will be able to the leave the original 'red zone' area now that there is a virtual lockdown across a wide swathe of Italy's wealthy north. This picture was taken by schoolteacher Marzio Toniolo, March 7, 2020

The news seemed to be positive: The variety of new coronavirus cases mentioned in China during the last week warned that the outbreak might be slowing - that containment efforts have been working.

However, the World Health Organization reported at least 106,893 new cases and at least 3,600 global deaths to the tally of the infected worldwide.

Japan Airlines Cabin Attendant Tests Positive for Coronavirus

A Japan Airlines Co Ltd cabin attendant has tested positive for coronavirus, Reuters reported Monday, Mar. 9. Today's case turned out to be a widening outbreak for Japan.

The contamination comes after local media reported that one person in Kanagawa prefecture died from the virus, bringing the country's death toll to 15, along with seven from the quarantined cruise deliver close to Tokyo.

Japan has more 1,000 cases of the virus, which include approximately 700 people from a cruise quarantined close to Tokyo last month. The virus has spread swiftly around the world, with more than 100,000 confirmed cases and 3,600 deaths.

NASA Ames Tells Employees at its California research center to work from home

NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley has informed all of its personnel to do business from home after an employee tested positive for COVID-19, the disease as a result of the brand new coronavirus.

The studies' facility, placed at Moffett Federal Airfield, conducts studies on aeronautics, exploration era, and science.

A spokesperson for NASA Ames told Business Insider that it is implementing the "obligatory telework status" until further notice at its California facility effective immediately in reaction to an employee testing high quality on Sunday.

In a statement, the research center said limiting employees at the center would allow Ames medical employees and public health officers to decide possible contacts and check areas that could require additional cleaning and mitigate potential exposure to its employees.

"The safety of our employees and their families is our top priority," the center said. NASA Ames added any choices it made, or would make, is with the safety of its personnel in mind.

NASA Ames joins a growing list of Silicon Valley places of work, asking their employees to make money working from home as a precaution against the coronavirus outbreak.

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U.S. Coronavirus outbreak grows

In the United States, almost 500 cases of the virus were confirmed, along with 19 deaths. The worst outbreaks are in New York and California, in which a cruise ship has been caught off the coast for many days, as passengers were examined onboard. Health officials said the Grand Princess liner would dock in Oakland on Monday, and passengers would be transferred to federal navy installations.

Multiple governors have declared states of emergency in their territories. An attendee at last week's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, at which President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had been guests, has also tested tremendously for the virus.

Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Paul Gosar both stated they'll self-quarantine after interacting with the man or woman who tested positive. While neither guy was showing any symptoms, they'll set apart themselves out of what Gosar defined as a choice to be "proactive and cautious."

Italy on lockdown

Even as there were symptoms of development in Asia -- with China continuing a decline in the number of latest cases -- the state of affairs in Europe and North America appears to be worsening.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree early Sunday on the way to put thousands and thousands of humans across northern Italy on lockdown. The sweeping move puts the entire Lombardy region, in addition to 14 other provinces, under travel restrictions, and is one of the most difficult responses implemented outside mainland China to get the Covid-19 epidemic under control.

Conte said there would be a need to avoid any movement of people who are either entering or leaving the affected areas. "Even within the areas moving around will occur only for essential work or health reasons," he said, according to Reuters.

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Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, on Sunday, said local lockdowns are essential could become necessary and recommended that those at highest risk - the elderly and those with underlying health conditions - abstain from travel.

The WHO called on "all countries to preserve efforts that have been effective in mitigating the cases and slowing the spread of the virus."

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