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Psyonix's Rocket League has released its 1.74 Patch Notes, and they have added a bunch of new stuff that players will surely love. 

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A ton of balancing changes have been made as well, along with tweaked settings on the cameras, controls, and interface. Dynamic Range has been added to the audio settings, and a new Mutator preset called Spike Rush has been added as well.


Players can now trade in five blueprints for one random blueprint. All trade-ins should be from the same series and the same rarity for this to work. This can be done in the inventory under the Blueprints tab. Choose the blueprints ou want to trade, and a new window will pop up that displays all the blueprints that match both the series and your rarity.

Black Market is included in the trade-in system. Five rare will give you one very rare, five very rare will give you one import, five import will give you one exotic, and five exotic will give you one black market. Whichever you receive has a chance to be certified, painted, or turned into a special edition.


Camera distance has been increased from 260 to 270 as well as the stiffness from 0.3 to 0.5. A new camera preset has been added as well called "Legacy," which uses the original default settings. Camera shake has been reduced for most of the actions in-game.

As for controls, the deadzone value has been reduced from 0.3 to 0.2. The dodge deadzone, however, has been increased from 0.5 to 0.8. Button bindings are reorganized to show the most important controls on top of the list. Vibration intensity has been reduced, but players can still use medium or heavy options.

On the interface side, nameplates are now always visible, and team-colored boost meters has been enabled. These cameras, control, and interface settings will only occur if you have never changed a default setting to your own custom preference.


Night option is best when playing in a low volume or low-quality speaker situation. Theatre is best when playing with good speakers and high-quality sounds.


A new update has fixed a bug that has been causing a rank notification to display even after a win. Clipping through the wheel support of Esper's front left wheel is no longer an option. They have also fixed particle dispersal on the flash freeze decal on the game. The archive button will no longer be seen at the bottom of the blueprints.

Adjustments have also been made to the Yaki wheels to face the correct and proper direction. Another bug has been fixed, which prevents multiple supersonic fury and chaos run from unlocking when items from the shop are purchased. Appearance on chikara, G1 nag GTX have been fixed as well as the inventory filter.

For more details of the patch notes, click here.

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