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Yahoo! Is set to return as Yahoo! Mobile, a monthly subscription-based service that is an all-around communication application. It is reported that subscribers may enjoy unlimited talk and even text and data. The mobile app utilizes the 4G LTE network that almost any phone these days has.

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Relevant Yahoo!

Despite being an obvious old-timer, Yahoo! Still manages to compete with its rivals that are much smaller than them. Guru Gowrappan also believes that a lot of people said that they have at least trusted Yahoo!

Verizon, the owner of and service provider of Yahoo! Mobile, also commented that having the two as a pair could result in so many good things.

Yahoo! Made this all possible due to the rising of instant messaging tracks and the desire to expand them and show off their capabilities.

Yahoo! Userbase

Comscore confirmed that Yahoo! penetrates 182 million unique US visitors in February, which puts Yahoo on the most popular websites list. Despite having a lot of contemporaries that are bigger and faster, Verizon still bought Yahoo! Because, according to them, it can always be profitable due to technical details.

Yahoo! Services and mainly its ability to go neck and neck with Google are what convinced Verizon to take custody of Yahoo! However, Yahoo!'s search capabilities differ from Google, which makes them produce different outputs with the same keywords.

Although still on its early stages, Yahoo! Mobile is actively planning on their next move and whether or not they should add more features. This includes the speculation that a mobile phone would be included with the premium service provided.


Yahoo! Was sold to Verizon in 2017 and was added to a branch media manager that is named Oath. Verizon then made a change to its name into Verizon Media but since then struggled financially.

Yahoo! Mobile Userbase

The premium subscription feels that Yahoo introduced to the market is pretty expensive for a primary and standard application protocol. There is, however, a directed age demographic and people who have the same interest that would enjoy having Yahoo! Mobile installed on their device. Although not budget-friendly, Yahoo! Mobile applications can be used by many, especially those who are financially stable. The unlimited talk and online chatting are also more than enough, especially for those who are very lazy to top-up their accounts with the consumable load.

The new Yahoo! Introduction will face several challenges, according to Alex Besen, a reliable and trusted source when it comes to anything about mobile. He further stated that the Yahoo! Mobile projects lack plans, features, and will also face limited distribution circumstances. Besen also compared this new Yahoo! service to Google Fi, a similar application with a premium subscription that is affiliated to Sprint and T-Mobile.

Verizon enters the market as a direct competitor to a new premium communication platform. Michelle Toh from CNN business also remarked that this type of service is hard to maintain, which is evident when Google faced several problems when it comes to inviting subscribers to have a try on their brand new facilities.

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