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Google is now reported to be imposing policies on Android TV manufacturers. This policy is targetting other operating systems, for instance, the Fire OS, which is installed on Amazon Fire TV.

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By violating this indicated policy, Google will be forced to revoke licenses from them and rendering them unable to include Google Play Store and Services on their devices.

Only Google

The Android Compatibility Commitment is a policy made by Google that restricts other OS from being installed and used in Android TV. Google says that if these TV manufacturers want to have Google Applications on their TV, and particularly, Google Playstore, they must not be running third party operating systems.

This means that only Android versions that are approved by Google will be able to take advantage of Google's vast app store.

According to Protocol, this move initiated by Google limits TV manufacturers to only Google and not partner with Google's primary competitor in the Smart TV market, which is amazon.

Chain Reaction

It turns out that by cutting ties with Google would also mean disaster for several Smart TV manufacturers. This is a very crucial decision, especially for manufacturers who are also producing smartphones. The effects of not choosing Google will also be felt on their mobile devices.

This only means that they wouldn't be able to include Google's application ecosystem to their smartphones, which is by far a huge reason why a lot of people buy a smartphone. Google's share on the mobile market is vast and is continually outscoring its major competitors.

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Google's Intentions

According to some statements from Google, they are doing everything in the policy to implement a more secure user experience. They also add that TV manufacturers that use Google's application are provided with security and, at the same time, being reviewed to make sure that things go along with what they have in mind.

Google also noted that their intentions for this policy are for information privacy and security of their users and customers.

Another thing that Google is concerned with using a different operating system is that compatibility isn't always guaranteed. They would miss a lot of opportunities to test applications on third-party operating systems.

Third Competitor

While it is widely known that Amazon and Google are performing well on the Smart TV market, a third competitor seems to be gaining the upper hand.

Roku, another OS and Android TV option are reported to have achieved approximately 30 percent of shares in new TV purchases in the United States' first quarter.

These Roku sales are combined with its TV box variant that can be used in any kind of TV with a built-in HDMI display. Smart TV's that have Roku installed is also counted. 

The Amazon Fire TV is reported to have achieved 12 percent of sales, almost half of what Roku made in the first quarter. Despite Google's efforts to remove Amazon on their targetted manufacturers, they have seen to be performing under as they have only achieved 9 percent.

Roku's dominance proves to last long, and despite Amazon and Google's effort to outrun each other, Roku still is at the top. Google, however, might seem several improvements because of these policies they are about to ship.

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