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If you've lately brought a Windows computer, you probably own a unique Windows installation disk and a Windows key. While performing a clean set up, you can use them to get things executed and activate the newly installed operating machine.

Several Windows users misplaced its unique Windows set up disk. So, what could you do if you need to reinstall Windows operating gadget from scratch?

Usually, people borrow the ISO files from a pal and make a bootable disk or flash drive. Others visit different report-sharing and torrent web sites and download Windows ISO files. Apart from being illegal, this method also brings alongside a high risk of malware infection.

So, how to legally download Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 ISOs?

After freeing a new edition of Windows, Microsoft makes the original ISO files to be on its website. Few humans understand this legal approach to grab a copy of the Windows operating device.

Downloading Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 could be downloaded legally through official Microsoft channels. Later, you can spark off the copy using the essential steps that you got with your computer.

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Where to legally get Windows 10 and 8.1 ISOs?

When Microsoft released the ISO documents of Windows 10 for easy installation, you need to have a sparkling replica of Windows 10 and 8.1 and create an installation media.

To get started with this procedure, you want to go in advance and download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool or Windows 8.1 Media Creation tool. But note that the same installation media involve the same steps.

After you've downloaded this small program, click and give permissions, if asked, to make modifications to your computer. Now, take note of the license terms and proceed. However, the Windows 8.1 model of the tool doesn't ask for permission.

On the window that asks, "What do you need to do?" select the "Create installation media for some other PC" and proceed. Windows 8.1 Media Creation Tool, however, doesn't provide you this selection and immediately creates the setup media for another PC.

Win 10 installation
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Now, after filling the basic statistics like language, edition, structure, etc., click at the Next. 

Win 10 installation
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Depending upon your need to create a bootable USB drive or download an ISO file that you'll burn to a DVD, select the alternatives on "Choose which media to use" conversation window.

Win 10 installation
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In the next step, pick the place wherein you want to shop the Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 ISO record. Depending upon your net connection speed, Microsoft's Media Creation device will download Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 legally on your computer.

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Where to get Windows 7 SPI ISO report legally?

Here, you don't need to download some tool to get Windows 7 ISO files. Instead, Microsoft lets you officially download Windows 7 immediately from its website.

It would help if you have a legitimate Windows 7 key, and Microsoft will permit you to download Windows 7 SPI ISO record legally. As you find your key and verify it, Microsoft will show you the 64-bit and 32-bit download options.

Windows 7
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After downloading the ISO record, you can burn the document to a DVD or create a bootable Windows 7 USB power.

Download any Windows ISO using third party tool

Apart from Microsoft's website, there are 3rd party sites that provide free tools to help you download Windows operating systems and Office ISOs legally.

You want to go to and download Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool. This free device's easy interface will let you pick out the Windows version and download the ISO of your choice.

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