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The upcoming Apple Watch is not going to be in the market for quite some time due to the focus of the world more on stopping the deadly coronavirus. Not just the apply Watch but also the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max(if that is what they will call it and not follow Samsung's trend right now).

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The Overall Design

The design philosophy of the smartwatch would look quite the same from its predecessors with a slight bump on the screen size and different material that would be used for the build. The look of the watch hasn't really changed since Apple first introduced its Apple Watch back in 2014. So don't expect any major changes right now with the new design to look drastically different. 

Rumors suggest a different story; however, as a circular watch face would be the next new thing for over a few years now. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it wouldn't be that of a surprise if Apple would adopt that style as well if given a chance to reinvent their already aging design look. 

New Watch Face Options, Still No Store

The Apple Watch has one thing going for them; it has a ton of customizable watch faces or better known as "complications." No sign of third-party watch faces coming though since Apple is still pretty strict in that market and would want to keep it that way for quite some time. 

Apple instead might allow users to "share" their watch faces. Each watch face will be shared as a unique file via AirDrop. The iOS 14 code was the source of the said leaks, and there was a lot there that talked about what to expect. Also, watchOS 7 will be adding an analog-style tachymeter to incorporate it into their design options that would be able to measure speed and distance possibly.

The watchOS 7 may be able to add an "international" option that lets the user choose a country's flag as their complications and to showcase to the world how proud they are of their great nation. 

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A Brand New Fitness App

Fitness has always been the core of the Apple Watch since its inception. According to MacRumors, the company is reportedly working on a new standalone fitness app. This one would give users a guide on how to work out in an assortment of activities properly. Pretty cool if the rumors are to be believed, and this would most probably be the first smartwatch to incorporate this to their design. 

Native Sleep Tracking Finally Here?

A lot of people want to know if Apple Watch finally incorporates a sleep sensor, way back 2017 after Apple acquired Beddit, rumors were spreading like wildfire that a "sleep app" was going to be preinstalled in the App store. 

Sleep tracking is only available through third-party apps, and the problem here for Apple has always been battery life. The current Apple Watch models typically last a day and a half when used normally. This feature would also require overnight monitoring, which Apple still doesn't have the battery for it. 

Companies like Fitbit and Samsung, however, have had it on their devices for years already. 

Parental Controls

On the iOS 14 code, it also referenced new tools for parents to use, the ability to set up two Apple Watches on just one iPhone. This feature would help parents and guardians to keep tabs on their kids. Smart feature indeed. 

More rumors from the iOS 14 code are popping up, and best be sure to follow us here on Techtimes to know all the information Apple will release in the coming days and months until the products are released.

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