Robots in Kerala that are built by a startup company are now handing out sanitizers and masks for the public to use, plus 'Ninja Robots' in Thailand have been deployed to help battle the Coronavirus.

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Robots deployed to spread awareness on coronavirus in Kerala
(Photo : Screengrab from Youtube (Hindustan Times))

Robots in Kerala

Under the Kerla Satrup Mission, robots have been built by Asimov Robotics to help out and give the citizens proper protection from the ongoing coronavirus or COVID-19.

They have come up with robots as a way to fight the pandemic. Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor took it to Twitter and shared the video that shows the public how the robots have been doing and how they interact with the citizens and other visitors.

The robots appear to be distributing and handing out sanitizers, masks, and napkins to the people. They also try to answer questions that the public might have in mind.

This, of course, has gone viral. This was a plan and the initiative by the government to try and foster startups. Founder and CEO of Asimov Robotic, Jayakrishnan T, appears in the video saying that these robots are solely designed to respond to queries about COVID-19, help out giving people protection and show informative videos.

Ninja Robots in Thailand

Kerala is not the only one who has deployed robots to help in this time of need, Thailand, on the other hand, have developed 'Ninja Robots.'

These robots are able to measure fevers and help with overburdened frontline medical workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. They first built solely to try and monitor patients that have had strokes.

They have helped with staff at four hospitals in Bangkok by allowing doctors and nurses to communicate with patients via a video link, which can help reduce their risk of the virus.

Chulalongkorn University's Viboon Sangveraphunsiri had said that "They can stand outside the room and communicate with patients inside through the robot,"

Newer models will be designed to help bring out food and medicine to patients that are currently being treated. They could also be used to disinfect wards in hospitals in the future. Sangveraphunsiri and his team are now doing the best they can to develop and build more ninja robots for 10 more hospitals in the country.

Thai authorities have recently implemented and ordered the closure of all bars, entertainment venues, and massage parlors. A new rule has been strictly requiring visitors entering the country to use and produce a health certificate.

Thailand now has more than 200 confirmed virus cases and one death. More than 40 recoveries have been reported and discharged from the hospital. Though the government reassures the people that the pandemic is under control.

While Kerala has 22 cases, with 12,740 people under observation across the state. CM Pinarayi Vijayan has advised its citizens to cooperate in all precautionary measures, like avoiding social gatherings and maintaining proper hygiene to avoid the coronavirus or COVID-19 from spreading.

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