Iron Banner Returns to Destiny 2
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Gamers have no issues with staying in their homes for months. For Destiny 2 fans, here's a new task that you need to fulfill this week.

The Iron Banner is already here Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. For this week's challenge, players need to unlock a new set of Iron Banner armor. This season's quest is called Cast in Iron, and you have a chance to get season's updated armor set, Iron Remembrance, once you follow the correct steps.

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What You Can Get On The Iron Banner Quest

Players will enjoy additional goody, and that is Point of the Stag, a Legendary bow the season's only Ritual weapon. In this quest, the weapons are unique, and you can only earn Masterworked weapons by completing lengthy quests. So if you like bows, you better get the Point of the Stag.

Iron Banner Quest starts from Tuesday, Mar. 24 to 31. According to GameSpot, expect more Iron Banner events throughout the season.

Guide on Getting Point Stag on Cast In Iron Quest

Super Smelting

  • Super kills: 3
  • Opponents defeated: 30
  • Zones captured: 10

You will get Iron Remembrance class item.

In this quest, you need to get kills, capture zones. So you need to fire up your Super a few times. With that, you should pick an effective one in racking up kills.

Clear the Cylinders

  • Matches completed: 6
  • Zones captured: 20
  • Hand cannon final blows: 25

You will get Iron Remembrance leg armor

With the second step, Cast in Iron starts to turn toward specific weapons, so adjust your loadout accordingly. The requirements for zones captured, matches completed, and total kills will also go up with each step, but don't worry--those are cumulative. If you spent three matches completing Step 1, those will count toward the six matches you need for Step 2.

Heat The Barrels

  • Defeat 100 opponents in Iron Banner
  • Zones captured: 30
  • SMG final blows: 30

You will get the Iron Remembrance gauntlets

In this step, it is all about SMGs. 

Harness The Elements

  • Super kills: 15
  • Zones captured: 40
  • Fusion rifle final blows: 15

You will get Iron Remembrance chest armor

You have no problems with choosing a good rifle in Destiny 2 as there are plenty. However, when it comes to quick kills, it is advisable to use Jotunn or Telesto. If you don't have either of those, you can use the Iron Banner fusion The Wizened Rebuke.

Don't forget to equip Special Ammo Finder mods as it is useful to keep your magazines stocked.

Sharpen The Arrows

  • Bow final blows: 10
  • Matches completed: 15
  • Zones captured: 50

You will get Iron Remembrance helmet

For bow-user, make sure to pick one with a lot of accuracies, as only the final blows will count here.

For none frequent bow-user, it is advisable to pair a bow with a gun that could a lot of damages or fires quickly--one of the good choices is Hard Light.

Polish The Armor

Go back to Lord Saladin in the Tower and talk with him a final time. After that, the quest is complete, and you will earn your final reward: Point of the Stag.

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