Several symptoms of the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19 include dry cough, difficulty in breathing, pain, or pressure in the chest, fever, and stomach ache. Still, apparently, one young American woman experienced a "very different" symptom that wasn't associated with coronavirus until recently. 

Could Coronavirus Cause Deafness? One Woman with COVID-19 Experienced it!
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The young woman was from Italy when she contracted COVID-19.

An Unusual Experience

According to the New York Post, the woman, named Julia Buscaglia, 20 years-old, was staying in Italy when she contracted COVID-19 and first showed symptoms.

She also said that she wanted to share her experience because it was far from the usual experience of other coronavirus patients.

"I guess why I'm telling you all of this is because what they are telling you are symptoms are not ALL symptoms. And you do NOT have to have the symptoms to be positive," the woman said. She added that the only similar symptom she had was a fever.

In her now-viral Twitter thread, Buscaglia shared her experience.

Could Coronavirus Cause Deafness?

According to her, she first experienced the symptoms on February 29, when she woke up in agony as her "head was pounding" and that her "ears were throbbing."

Buscaglia also said that her throat felt like it was on fire, her body ached and that she was experiencing chills and had a fever of 100.2, so she took anti-inflammatories and went to bed to rest.

On March 1, the young woman decided to see the doctor due to the rising coronavirus cases in Italy, but the physician said she only had a cold. Yet, despite having no cough, she reportedly experienced gradually losing her hearing in her left ear.

The next day, she did feel phlegm building up at the back of her throat but dismissed it as a cold symptom.

The young woman also said her hearing in both ears were "significantly less."

On her last day in Italy, the woman couldn't hear, and she also lost both her sense of smell and taste, which, according to USA Today, are new symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus disease.

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Tested Positive for COVID-19

When she arrived back in the US, she claimed that no one asked where she went from, even at customs, despite cases of coronavirus in various big cities around the world.

After arriving home, Buscaglia isolated herself from March 5 to 13 and only had contact with two other people.

On March 13, she was tested for COVID-19 after members of her family who are in the medical field wanted her to get a test to be certain.

The next day, the results were in and Buscaglia, despite only having fever and "slight remaining cough" has tested positive, to which she was extremely surprised as she didn't have the symptoms that were on the news.

She also didn't know how she was infected.

As of writing, the young woman is feeling much better and is still in isolation and waiting to get two negative tests.

When to Get Medical Help?

Coronavirus symptoms can appear two to 14 days from being infected, so it's best to get medical attention when you experience fever and one other symptom associated with COVID-19, as per FOX News.

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