(Photo : Screenshot from: Rainbow 6 Official Facebook Page)

Rainbow Six's latest patch will be featuring some nerfs for Jager and Mozzie, and buffs for Ying and Buck. Plus, it includes a couple of much-needed balancing changes and bug fixes to the game.

(Photo : Screenshot from: Rainbow 6 Official Facebook Page)

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Big nerfs and buffs

Fans and players have been gearing up for Y5S2 as Rainbow Six is almost halfway through Y5S1 along with OPeration Void Edge. Though there hasn't been any announcements about a massive update, a new patch called Y5S1.2 will push through.

Once again, R6 has targeted Jager and Mozzie to nerf, and Ying and Buck for some upgraded boosts. Jager's new nerf is pretty harsher compared to his last one which cuts damage to his 416-C Carbine. Jager will now be a two-armor operator and two-speed instead of a one-armor and three-speed.

Though these changes may not sound like much, it does have a major impact on how he usually plays in-game. Players and mains can now combine and incorporate his devastating Carbine along with his very high mobility to go around the entire map to kill.

When it comes to speed, however, he's losing big on his mobility for some quick flank action to catch enemies off-guard. 

As for Mozzie, his shotguns have been tweaked as well. His Super Shorty has been removed entirely, leaving him with just his SDP 9mm as his only sidearm. Players have noticed that his shotgun actually provided him with too much utility so taking it away made him a little less flexible.

Rainbow Six Patch notes:


Buck: His grenades have now been replaced with claymore and his skeleton key magazine capacity has been increased to 5 + 1, while his skeleton key max ammo has also been buffed to 25 + 1. The claymore change should reduce the kick in Buck's kit from the frags and will provide more cover while soft breaching.

Caveria: The razor holographic sight has been added to her M12 and will become a great addition for good visibility while aiming.

Ying: The update has now increased the number of her candelas to 4 and replaced her claymores with smoke grenades while also increasing the T-95 LSW damage to 46. This update hopes that this type of power inher kit, especially with her gadgets and weapons, will help her out.

TCSG12 on Kaid and Goyo: The patch has now added some additional magazine to this plus reduced its damage to 44 from 84. This can now kill any operator with just 2 shots and this new addition to its magazine while reducing the power level can give more firefight stamina without being too overly dangerous.

Bug fixes

This patch update has fixed the barricade replication issues that have been causing rubberbanding. DX11 game boots have been fixed as well where players manually select Vulkan in STeam. The dynamic play button is now updating properly. Menu and shop fixes have been implemented, as well.

To view the full list of patch notes, click here.

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