Coronavirus is still the major concern of most countries. People are still advised to stay in their homes and practice social distancing. Ordering food and buying groceries is not easy today. However, there are front liners--those who are working on delivery services and groceries, continue their services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, these workers are at risk of being exposed to the virus. 

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Some delivery companies are taking action to ensure the safety of their employees while on operations. Instacart is among them. 

The delivery company announced will provide health kits to its employees. This will help in ensuring the safety of the workers while providing the people the service they needed during this pandemic.

After Workers Demand, Instacart Provides Safety Kits

According to the report of The Verge, health and safety kits will be given to the workers starting next week using the official Instacart website after its employees demand it. The health and safety kits include facemask, reusable cloth, hand sanitizer, and thermometer. 

In-store shoppers at certain retail stores will receive a free face mask, as stated by the delivery company. Previously, workers organized a work stoppage if the company will not provide the request. 

The provided safety measurement came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advising the American citizens always to wear a mask when they are out in public. CDC's previous guidance only states that only medical workers and sick people should be wearing masks. This has been changed due to people's concerns that there are carriers that don't show any symptoms which will lead to further of the number of cases.

Gig Workers Collective helped the workers voice out 

Gig Workers Collective helped the employees of Instacart to get their attention and provide them what the need. The said group doubt the availability of the safety kits and worries how long will the workers receive them. 

The Gig Workers Collective posted a blog that states the workers' concerns. There was a note saying that the hand sanitizers offered by the company were suddenly sold out, in which Instacart responded that they will distribute enough independently-developed hand sanitizer to its employees. 

Gig workers are still not satisfied with Instacart's safety measurement since it is not enough to protect them as they are still vulnerable outside where the pandemic is. The group also reiterated that the company should increase the amount of the default in-app tip at least 10 percent and also provide a hazard payment of 5 dollars every order to cover the risks linked with working for the company. 

They also demanded sick leaves and easy access to get sick leave for those workers who have pre-existing conditions that requires them to stay at home. Responding with its workers' demands, Instacart has promised their employees a 14 day paid sick leave for those who are ill or need quarantining to avoid getting infected by COVID-19. Although there were safety actions the company has made, Gig workers still believe it wasn't enough.  

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