As the Coronavirus remains to be a major concern for governments around the world, private companies and organizations have stepped up producing much-needed equipment or offering donations. And among the many issues US healthcare workers continue to face is the lack of masks and ventilators. Apple, is stepping up to the plate as it offers to provide 20 million face masks to address the shortage. 

Apple Responds With 20 Million Face Masks Against COVID-19

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Apple Responds With 20 Million Face Masks Against COVID-19

COVID-19 vs Apple: 20 million face masks will be provided to healthcare workers 

Large companies and manufacturers are now responding to the ongoing pandemic as they launch initiatives to help address the medical equipment shortage of US healthcare workers. According to a report by Iphone Hacks, Apple will be donating over 20 million face masks to US health workers. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook has announced in a video that the company was able to gather and produce 20 million face masks with their partnered suppliers.   

Apple Responds With 20 Million Face Masks Against COVID-19
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Apple Responds With 20 Million Face Masks Against COVID-19

"Apple is dedicated to supporting the worldwide response to COVID-19. We've now sourced over 20M masks through our supply chain," said Tim Cook in his twitter post

"Our design, engineering, operations, and packaging teams are also working with suppliers to design, produce and ship face shields for medical workers," the Apple CEO added. 

Millions of face masks are already being distributed by Apple

Tim Cook also announced that the Apple's design, operations, engineering and packaging team are currently coordinating with different suppliers to design, produce, and deliver face masks or shields to those health workers who are facing medical equipment shortages.

He also announced that the feedback from the doctors of Kaiser medical facilities in the Santa Clara Valley, was very positive since the first batch of face masks was already delivered to them earlier this week.

To ensure that the face masks are delivered first to locations where they are needed the most, Apple has already coordinated with the medical experts and government officials of the US. They are also outsourcing materials needed in the United States from China since they are planning to ship 1 million units this week and then another million units which will be done every week.  

The face masks or shields that will be provided will take only less than two minutes to assemble, saving medical experts crucial time. These adjustable face masks can be laid flat allowing 100 pieces to fit in a box.  

This action made by Apple can be a huge step in helping healthcare workers and other medical professionals to also ensure their safety while they perform their duty of saving the lives of the many patients infected with the Coronavirus.

It was also reported Tesla, the company known for producing electronic and battery-powered vehicles, will soon unveil its own coronavirus ventilator prototype.  In a report by CNET, the New York factory of Tesla will help produce ventilators that can last longer compared to normal units currently used in many hospitals around the world. 

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