The coronavirus pandemic is being fought on all sides by different researchers and scientists with the goal of slowing down its infection rate and, ultimately, developing a vaccine. Even tech companies are doing their part. According to The Next Web's latest report, newly developed "pandemic drones" from aerospace firm Draganfly, have gone through its test flights and will soon be deployed to help detect COVID-19 infections.

Coronavirus-Killer Drones Will Detect COVID-19 Symptoms And Fight The Coronavirus Infections In Air Combat!
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Pandemic drones will fly over the United States to help detect COVID-19 infections. 

These pandemic drones use biometric reading software and do not employ face recognition technology. The software helps researchers understand the patterns in the population that will allow the researchers to act quicker when faced with an ongoing pandemic, and to identify the new potential health risks.

The pandemic drones can quickly detect COVID-19 symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, rapid heartbeats, and high blood pressure to diagnose an individual infected by the disease using deep learning algorithms. It can detect the signs of the coronavirus from the air up to 190 feet.

COVID-19 vs Drones: In the US, pandemic drones will help detect coronavirus infections 

According to The Next Web, the drone developer's have already conducted its pandemic drones' first tests. The test flights were conducted in Westport Connecticut, where a dozen people were exposed to the virus during a private party, making the place a coronavirus hotspot. Westport will deploy the drones to help protect the groups of people who are more vulnerable to the coronavirus such as seniors,  as well as to identify crowd gatherings in public places.

According to Anthony Prezioso, Westport Police Lieutenant, the test flights have been going on for the last five days.

"It is anticipated that this will continue to be in effect through the summer months of July and August as we anticipate the need to continue to work to reinforce social distancing measures in order to limit and control the spread of the COVID-19 virus," he told the local news outlet, Patch.

Draganfly has made a big effort by expanding its efforts to help contain the infections caused by the coronavirus. The company reiterated that its pandemic-drones don't used face recognition. Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly, said that their system doesn't collect individualized data and does not identify individuals. Draganfly is currently developing technologies that can be used in future pandemics and also for potential business partnerships.

Meanwhile, another drone manufacturer has developed a flying coronavirus-killer that can disinfect hard-to-reach places.

According to CNET's latest report, Digital Aerolus, a Kansas-based tech company has found a way to fight the ongoing pandemic. The company developed Aertos 120-UVC, a drone equipped with ultraviolet light that can kill viruses. The coronavirus-killer drones are already being used by hospitals and other medical facilities. With its ultraviolet light, the drone can disinfect surfaces and other places that cannot be reached by a person. 

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