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Spain Ekes Out Win Over Italy As World's Healthiest Nation

Spain was declared the healthiest country in the world, beating Italy, Japan, and Iceland. A recent survey gave a score of 92.8 out of 100 to Spain based on several factors that contribute to a nation's overall health.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 25, 2019

Zika-Like Yellow Fever Raises Concern Despite Availability Of Vaccine: Here's Why

U.S. health officials have warned that advancement of Zika-like yellow fever in Brazil could pose another mosquito-borne health threat to the United States. They urged for closer monitoring of the outbreak, which is moving from less populated areas to cities.

Public Health March 11, 2017

MIT Predicts 1,200 Premature Deaths In Europe Due To Excess Emissions From German Cars

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology predict that 1,200 people in Europe are likely to die early due to excess emissions from Volkswagen cars sold between 2008 and 2015. These were the cars found to have been installed with 'defeat devices.'

Public Health March 3, 2017

Americans Are Empathetic: US Ranks In Top 10 Countries With Most Empathy

Tensions are high in the United States right now because of the elections, but while it may appear that everyone’s retreated to their own sides, a study has ranked the country as one of the most empathetic in the world.

Life & Style October 17, 2016

Eurovision Song Contest Will Finally Air On American Television

The highly entertaining and often over-the-top European song competition, Eurovision, will finally land on American television this year. The competition will air live on the Logo cable network.

Life & Style May 2, 2016

US Forces Kill ISIS No. 2 Haji Imam, Pentagon Confirms

The Pentagon has confirmed that the United States special operations forces have killed ISIS No. 2 in command Haji Imam. Other top leaders of the Islamic State have also been targeted in recently launched operations.

Society March 26, 2016

Is Canada's Immigration Eligibility Test As Easy As A BuzzFeed Quiz?

In this case, it seems that the answer is yes.

Internet Culture March 2, 2016

TAG Heuer To Unwrap $1,500 Titanium Carrera Connected In US: Will It Be An Apple Watch Killer?

Swiss luxury brand TAG Heuer is gearing up to release its titanium Carrera Connected smartwatch in New York on Monday, Nov. 9. The luxury watch will sport a $1,500 price tag.

Wearable Tech November 9, 2015

US, Other Rich Nations Fall Short Of Fair Share To Fight Climate Change, Study Finds

Rich nations like the U.S. and Japan are underperforming when it comes to making goals to reduce carbon footprints. The study coincides with the UN's upcoming summit in Paris to present worldwide global emission cutting goals and plans.

Earth/Environment October 19, 2015

Credit Cards With Security Chip: Will It Make Life More Difficult For Criminals?

The new microchip-based credit cards the U.S. is transitioning to will make life tougher for criminals as they are said to be more secure than magnetic strip cards.

September 28, 2015

US And China Reach Cyberespionage Truce: Both Nations Promise Not To Hack Each Other

The U.S. and China have reached an agreement to solve their cyber issues, with both nations committing to making efforts to curb economic cyberespionage. U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a cyber truce, but the new commitments don't solve all cyber woes.

Society September 26, 2015

4G LTE Speeds Worldwide: New Zealand, Singapore, Romania In Top 3 While US Ranks 55th Out Of 68

The United States has dropped toward the bottom of the list when it comes to 4G LTE speeds by country, ranking 55th out of 68. New Zealand, Singapore and Romania take the top 3, offering the best LTE download speeds.

Internet September 24, 2015

BBC To Launch Streaming Service In U.S. Next Year

After years of promising its iPlayer to America, The BBC recently announced that the company has begun plans to offer a new streaming service of its programming for the U.S. as of next year.

Movies/TV Shows September 17, 2015

Honda, Nissan To Ship More Cars To North America Due To Weaker Yen

Nissan and Honda are planning to increase shipments from Japan to their biggest market, the U.S., beginning with the Rogue compact SUV and Fit subcompact. With the yen down, it's cheaper to make the cars in Japan.

FUTURE TECH July 10, 2015

Women's World Cup Final Is Most-Watched U.S. Soccer Match Ever

Carli Lloyd and the U.S. women's team not only created history by winning the World Cup on Sunday, but also gained the hearts and eyes of Americans. Their World Cup final against Japan was the highest-rated U.S. soccer match of all time.

Movies/TV Shows July 6, 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks Militarized US vs. China Space Race Will Spark Innovation

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks that a new space race between the U.S. and China could revitalize innovation, which could have crucial implications on the growth and stimulation of the economy.

Space May 26, 2015

Forget Your Wallet: Use Apple Pay At National Parks And For Other Transactions With Feds

Apple Pay gets the official endorsement of the White House and federal government. The news comes as mobile payment technologies are cropping up everywhere from national parks to neighborhood pizza parlors.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 14, 2015

Urbanspoon Newest Dish on Zomato's Menu as Dining Site Expands

Zomato expands into North America and Australia through its acquisition of Urbanspoon. Zomato CEO says his dining-focused venture will combine the best of both websites to deliver a better and deeper consumer experience.

Apps/Software January 13, 2015

Rising seas may cause daily floods in US East Coast by 2045: Report

A scientific report reveals intense and severe flooding could be experienced in the U.S. 15 to 30 years from now. Find out if your city is at risk.

Animals October 8, 2014

Study finds a big portion of the world’s offline population lives in the U.S.

A new report sponsored in part by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg’s found that the U.S. made the world’s most offline population list.

Internet Culture October 1, 2014

John Oliver explains why the U.S. drone program is so terrifying

John Oliver of the comedic news program 'Last Week Tonight' addresses the serious issues of U.S. drone strikes and the psychological effects it has on children overseas.

Internet Culture September 29, 2014

Shape-shifting UFO? Clouds? Nope, just migrating Monarch butterflies showing up on radar

Unidentified shape-shifting object detected on weather radar was a swarm of Monarch butterflies. They usually migrate from the U.S. to Mexico in pre-winters.

Earth/Environment September 25, 2014

Why Richard Branson is granting Virgin employees unlimited vacations

Virgin Group CEO Sir Richard Branson announced in a blog post changes to Virgin's vacation policy for employees in the U.S. and U.K. Employees are encouraged to take breaks from work as they need be, as long as their work tasks are completed.

Internet Culture September 24, 2014

Which states have the rudest drivers?

A new survey ranked the states that have the rudest drivers. New York, stereotypically known to be rude, ranked in the top five, but the state with the rudest drivers may surprise you.

Internet Culture September 16, 2014

Post 9/11: Americans feel less safe now than they did before 2001

According to a new poll, most registered voters feel less safe now than they did before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. President Obama addressed his military plan regarding the extremists in Syria and Iraq on Wednesday night.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

Statistics show majority of American adults are single

Statistics reveal that most of the American adult population is choosing to stay single. The trend suggests that single Americans can greatly influence economics, society and politics.

Internet Culture September 10, 2014

Which countries are the most economically optimistic?

A new survey from the Pew Research Center ranks the most economically optimistic and pessimistic countries. The most optimistic countries include those with emerging economies.

Internet Culture September 10, 2014

Islamic militant group releases beheading video of Steven Sotloff

Steven Sotloff’s beheading video was released by the Islamic State for all the world to see. How will the United States react as another American falls in the hands of the militant group?

Society September 3, 2014

What is $100 worth in your state?

It turns out, $100 is a very different amount of money depending on where you live in the U.S. Here's how to find out what it's worth in your state.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

Life expectancy in U.S. split along racial lines, especially in Wisconsin

The discrepancy in life expectancy between black and white Americans is improving — but not in every state, study shows.

Life August 5, 2014

Captain America celebrates the country's worst statistics in a controversial new parody video

Captain America himself stars in a biting video satire of the United States' most embarrassing statistics just in time for the Fourth of July.

Geek July 1, 2014

World Cup on ISS: U.S. vs. German astronauts on goal celebrations, wagers

The International Space Station has caught World Cup Fever, with U.S. astronauts making a wager with a German astronaut on the recently concluded match between the two countries.

Space June 27, 2014

Great white shark population on the rise along coasts off U.S., Canada

Great white shark population has increased in the ocean waters off the U.S. and Canada. White shark population is critical to maintain the population of other species in the water.

Animals June 21, 2014

Global Peace Index: Iceland on top, Syria last. U.S. out of top 100

Global Peace Index shows Iceland as the most peaceful country and Syria as the least peaceful. U.S. does not feature in the top 100 peaceful countries of the world.

Society June 21, 2014

Another Google Glass user mugged in San Francisco: Will you buy this wearable even with anti-tech threats?

As Google rolls out its extended one-day Explorer Program tomorrow, another alarming incident against a Google-Glass user comes into the picture. It makes one wonder: is the wearable device still safe to use?

Wearable Tech April 15, 2014

North Korea rips off NASA's logo but 'NADA' to worry about

Could there really be NADA into this North Korea space agency's choice of acronym and logo, said to be a rip-off of the logo of their opponent NASA? See what their government has to say.

Space April 5, 2014

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