Supernatural is a VR game that keeps you on your toes--literally. It's a new VR game that shares some similarities with another fitness game, Beat Saber, but involves a lot more work and, we daresay, is a lot more fun.  

Supernatural VR
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @VR_Fit_Insider)

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'Supernatural' will change how you workout in VR

Supernatural costs $19 for a month's subscription in the VR app for Oculus Quest. But don't fret if you're still deciding on the subscription. You can get a free 30-day trial before you decide to spend your extra dollars on a VR fitness game.

Be warned: This is not the kind of VR game where you or your friends can just sit down and enjoy the view. It is an intense, tiring, choreographed workout that moves to popular music. Even fitness experts have praised Supernatural for its attention to detail.

Imagine being in a breathtaking nature documentary and then the beat starts to come along with all the things you have to do with your body. That is where serenity and peace meet hectic motion and heavy breathing.

The workouts are all set in a 360-degree motion capture environment coupled with the most beautiful places on Earth. 

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The creators of this beautiful game

Supernatural's creators said they wanted to replicate the fun exhaustion of activities like surfing, rock climbing, and anything highly intensive. The app does not, however, mimic those movements, but instead, aims to reproduce the same physical exhaustion you get. But it is far from dull. 

Aaron Koblin, the co-founder of Within, the maker of Supernatural, said in an interview: "When you're surfing or snowboarding, you're never squatting in a wave-like, 'Oh man, I wish this squat was over."

"Dancing is primal, moving your body is fun, and -- key for an antisocial person like me -- it's doing it at home in the dark with nobody watching," he said. "That's what allows me to be liberated."

Important things to note

If you're a fan of VR, you might have already tried the Beat Saber--or at least heard of it. The mechanics or both are familiar. With the controller in your hand, you are swinging your arms to strike flying targets that match with the beat.

The stark difference between the two games is that Supernatural challenges you to swing broader and harder, lunge back and forth, and pop back up again.

Regardless if you are hyped for this game to come out, make sure to try it. And if you do love it, don't forget to buy the real game and subscribe to their monthly subscription.

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