Final Fantasy VII Remake is filled with choices--not too big that could change the outcome of the entire game, but significant enough to make some small changes, may it be an extended dialogue or a change in the scene.

For example, in Chapter 5, during the ambush on the train, there seems to be an alternate scene for the now iconic jumping-off-the-train scene where Cloud breaks Tifa's fall.

In the alternate version, Cloud jumps on his own and sees Tifa ahead of him on the tracks, fighting off some Shinra robots. This happens if you fail to defeat the robots on the train when the timer comes on.

Nevertheless, any Final Fantasy VII Remake fan will likely get the first scene with Cloud and Tifa since fighting off enemies is tough to pass on--and of course, Tifa and Cloud shippers are basically in cloud nine.

TechTimes already recently published a guide for all FFVII Remake decisions and consequences for Chapters 1 to 9. You can check the guide here. For now, we'll jump to all decisions and consequences for the rest of the chapters.

Chapter 10: Tifa or Aerith?

Perhaps the hardest choice for many FFVII players is choosing between Tifa or Aerith--and you'll have to do so in Chapter 10 or the story won't progress. Deciding who to check in on first will prompt a cutscene with the character you choose.

Additionally, who you choose to check in on first will affect the Resolution scene in Chapter 14. If you choose to go to Tifa first, Cloud will likely see her Resolution scene. The same goes for Aerith.

Chapter 12: Biggs and the Sector 7 Pillar

Just like with Jessie in Chapter 4, the choices in this dialogue don't matter and will not change the outcome of the game. You can choose whatever answer you prefer.

However, it seems like Final Fantasy VII Remake's Avalanche members, including Biggs, made it out alive of the Sector 7 Pillar--unlike what happened in the original game. But since Remake is basically a different timeline, we might see more changes in the next episodes of the game.

Chapter 14: Resolution

The Resolution scene is the culmination of the different choices Cloud has made throughout the game, according to GameRant. Tifa, Aerith, and even Barret have scenes and watching everything could be a good idea--although you'll have to re-play the game to see all three.

We also have a complete guide on how to get a "date" with any of the three characters.

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Chapter 16: Take the Elevator or the Stairs?

There is no obvious choice for this chapter unlike in previous ones. But you can witness different scenes depending on which route you take.

The faster route is taking the elevator up the Shinra building. But you'll have to fight a few battles before reaching the top. Plus, you'll also learn a lot more about the Shinra company and how much of a villain they were.

Meanwhile, taking the stairs will prompt a playful banter between the three main FFVII Remake characters. It might be the longer route, but you won't have to partake in battles.

10,000 Gil for a Hint?

After meeting with Mayor Domino, you'll encounter Hart outside his office where he will tell you that you can ask for his assistance. He'll need 10,000 Gil for a rather useless hint, but you'll get Barret's EKG Cannon, which is worth it.

Do give him some money if you have some to spare to get Barret's weapon. It will be useful in upcoming battles.

Chapter 18: Battle Assist

Another culmination of all the choices you have made throughout the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake will affect the order of the allies that will assist Cloud after a short battle on his own. The order depends on your "relationship" with the characters.

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