Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake had some significant changes, especially with part one's ending where players learned it took place in a different timeline than the original FFVII game.

However, it doesn't seem like the choices you make in different parts of the game have major consequences--although you can find some interesting scenes and dialogue exchange with the other characters.

Nevertheless, the outcome remains the same, such as your first encounter with Aerith.

But a few choices could lead to one significant consequence: who you get as a "date" in the iconic Golden Saucer scene in Chapter 14. You can either go with Tifa or Aerith, but depending on your choices from the past chapters, you can also get Barret.

TechTimes has previously created a guide on how to unlock all these Resolution scenes, so check that out if you want to win a date with a specific character.

With that, here is every scene from Chapters 1 to 9 of Final Fantasy VII Remake where you have to make a decision for Cloud, as well as the consequences that come with that option.

Chapter 1: Time Bomb

Setting the timer for the Mako reactor bomb is the first decision every FFVII Remake player has to make. You can choose between 20 to 30 minutes.

  • If you choose 20 minutes, Jessie will give you a bottle of Ether and two Hi-Potions by the end of Chapter 1 "for being brave."
  • If you choose 30 minutes, you get nothing.

Chapter 2: First Meeting with Aerith

Cloud will first meet Aerith in Chapter 2, where she will give him a flower. In this scene, you'll end up getting the flower no matter what you choose, but you can get different dialogues with her.

In addition, one of the options also increases your chance of getting Aerith's Resolution scene.

  • "How much?" - You get the flower and the chance to get Aerith's scene in Chapter 14.
  • "I'm good." - You get a longer scene where Aerith insists you have the flower. You'll also end up choosing from two options, but the end will remain the same.

Chapter 3: Tifa's Outfit

Upon doing all of the side quests in Chapter 3 with Tifa, a Discovery Event called "Alone at Last" will happen where Cloud can choose which outfit Tifa will wear later on in the game in Chapter 9.

  • "Something mature." - Get the blue dress from the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailers.
  • "Something...sporty?" - Tifa will wear a patterned cheongsam.
  • "Something exotic?" - Tifa will wear a black outfit.

Getting a Drink

After all the side-quests, Cloud will return to Seventh Heaven with Tifa, where she offers him a drink. Regardless of your choice, you'll end up having the drink, although GameRant noted you'd have more chances of getting a date with Tifa later on with one of the choices.

  • "Something hard." - Get more chances of getting Tifa's scene in Chapter 14.
  • "Not in the mood." - Get Aerith or Barret's Resolution scene.

Chapter 4: A Date with Jessie

Regardless of what you choose, the date will not happen for the entire FFVII Remake part 1. So, you can choose whichever you prefer.

Chapter 8: Side-quests or Not

There aren't any dialogues or choices in this chapter compared to preceding ones, but the number of side-quests you do here will affect Aerith's outfit in the next chapter.

These are the number of side quests you need to do to unlock Aerith's dress, as per IGN:

  • 0 to 2 side quests - frilly, light pink summer dress
  • 3 to 4 side quests - pink, flowy halter dress
  • 5 (all) side quests - deep red gown

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Chapter 9: Wall Market Adventures

Chapter 9 has the most choices in the game, which could determine what side quests you'll be getting. You're either going to get side quests for Madam M or Chocobo Sam, wherein one of your choices in Chocobo Sam's scenes can help determine who your date is at the Golden Saucer (refer to our guide here).

Chocobo Sam's quests are:

  • The Party Never Stops
  • A Dynamite Body

Madam M's quests are:

  • The Price of Thievery
  • Shear's Counterattack

According to GameSpot, here are the decisions that could tell which quests you'll get:

Johnny Encounter

  • Yes - Chocobo Sam's quests
  • No/Don't follow Johnny - Madam M's quests

Coin Toss

  • Heads/Tails - Chocobo Sam
  • No Deal - Madam M

Massage Course

  • Poor Man's Course (100 Gil) - Chocobo Sam
  • Luxury Course (3,000 Gil) - Madam M

Choosing the Standard Course (1,000 Gil) is a neutral choice.

In addition, here are the options you can choose for the other dialogues in this chapter.

"The girl we're looking for..."

  • "She's in great shape." - Chocobo Sam (and Tifa's Resolution scene)
  • "She's a great fighter." - Neutral
  • "She's great at handling the books." - Madam M (and Aerith's Resolution scene)

"Stay the night?"

  • "...No, thanks." - Chocobo Sam
  • "How much?" - Madam M
  • "Back off." - Neutral

"How is Aerith's outfit?"

  • "It's alright." - Chocobo Sam
  • "Looks comfortable." - Neutral
  • "It matter what I think?" - Madam M (and Aerith's Resolution scene)

"Taste mystery drink?"

  • "I'll taste it." - Chocobo Sam
  • "I don't need that." - Neutral

"What is that situation?"

When Don Corneo asks this question, the answer he's looking for is, "When they think they've already won." But if you don't choose, the selection times out and Don Corneo will pull the lever to the sewers.

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