Fortnite FaZe Clan Dubs ban
(Photo : Fortnite/Facebook) Fortnite has banned FaZe Clan's Dubs after alleged teaming in Solos Cup.

Epic Games has banned yet another pro-Fortnite player. This time, a member of the FaZe Clan, Danny "Dubs," Walsh faces a 30-day ban for colluding in a Solo Cash Cup that happened on May 1. 

Fortnite FaZe Clan Dubs ban
(Photo : Fortnite/Facebook)
Fortnite has banned FaZe Clan's Dubs after alleged teaming in Solos Cup.

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Fortnite Pro Player is Suspended

According to a report by Dexerto, Epic Games decided to enforce the punishment on the pro player after he was found teaming up with "Waffles" during the Solos event to take down the enemies who landed on their area.

For a while, Dubs did not react to the punishment and the issue as a whole, however, he recently broke his silence to confirm his Fortnite suspension and to defend his actions.

The pro player went on a live stream with fellow content creator Cbass and went out to clear his name against Epic Games' allegations as well as to explain what had happened and why he was banned.

According to the player, there was no teaming up that happened.

He also addressed the videos that are circulating on the internet now regarding his alleged teaming with Waffles and said that they lacked context.

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Teaming Up?

According to Fortnite Intel, the videos show him and Waffles landing at the Rig, ignoring each other but shooting at any players who would contest them, and since both ended up in sixth and seventh place, many people think that the alleged teaming up was indeed the truth.

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However, to clear his name, Dubs explained his strategies and his approach to every Fortnite match for the last two months, which revolved around the Rig--whether it be tournaments, scrims, or public lobbies.

"I've been landing here [at the Rig] and doing this exact loot path for two months, just scrimming," Dubs said. "I land the same building every game, do the same loot path, same rotations, every game. I scout for Tina, get the key card, and go to the Vault."

He also explained what has happened with Waffles, saying that the player and a close friend of his has never shot him or "tries to push" him and said that he would "play it like he's playing."

"I would sit and farm, and wait until the person left the Vault and left it looted because I know there's going to be extra loot. This is a strat," he explains further.

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It was "Frustrating"

Later on, Dubs noted that Waffles soon changed his drop location to somewhere more inland when the Rig became too contested.

After explaining his side, the pro-Fortnite player said that he accepts the suspension, but made it clear that he is disappointed with the decision and said that it was "frustrating."

Nevertheless, he also cleared the air and said he is in no way bashing Epic Games over their decision.

Some people on Twitter also reacted with Dubs' suspension, with some saying it was deserved, according to HITC.

Dubs' reaction comes a day after the Fortnite community went together on Twitter to defend a 9-year-old Brazilian player that was banned from the game for four years, or until he turns 13 after he was caught playing in the Arena Mode, a competitive type without a cash prize, even when he was with his dad, clearly getting his permission.

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