Children are commonly exposed to violence in the media, young boys are especially exposed to agressive behavior in video games. But a new campaign released by the Italian news website Fanpage is teaching young boys to respect girls.

In a slightly uncomfortable video that raises awareness against domestic violence, young boys are asked to slap a pretty girl. And the boys proudly refuse.

The narrator in the video asks young boys ages six to 11 some questions about themselves like their names, ages and what they want to be when they grow up.

They are then introduced to a girl named Martina, with reactions that vary from shocked to happy, while some begin to giggle. The boys are asked what it is they like about her. They respond with physical features such as her eyes or long hair. They compliment her saying she is beautiful with one even saying he wants to be her boyfriend.

The boys are then asked to caress her, and they touch her hair or gently touch her arm or check and then make funny faces at her.

Then the playful mood turns serious. The boys are then instructed to slap Martina. The boys appear sad, some having tears in their eyes or look down in embarrassment.

After a second passes while they contemplate the command all the boys refrain and say no.

"Why? 'Cause she's a girl, I can't do that," one of the boys responds. "Why? 'Cause I'm a man," he continues.

Though it should be noted that the message is that boys should be against domestic violence no matter how pretty the person is.

The video has received over two million views since being uploaded on Sunday.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by a partner in the U.S.

[Photo Credit: YouTube]

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