An Apex Legends newest trailer shows there are more quests to be had and also map changes. Truly, the fifth season of the massively popular battle royale will bring out more players than ever before!

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New Trailer Show More Things To Get Hyped About

Developer Respawn has just released another trailer for season five, but this time it's all about gameplay. The move was to get more hype for season five, which will be out on May 12.

The changes regarding the map of King's Canyon shouldn't be something to be scoffed at as well. Let's talk about that later on since there are still a lot more you should know before bringing you the juiciest parts.

Quests were already announced a week ago, but in the trailer shows a little about what developers Respawn are talking about. The first quest is called "The Broken Ghost."

The new legend coming to season five, Loba says in the trailer, "I need your help adding a rare and valuable treasure to my collection."

Players will then begin to find an item called a treasure pack from a supply bin, which can be found with "clues." Players might also get to fight with prowlers and a gunship.

According to the developers, the mode will be a player-versus-environment, which suggests that you don't need to worry about third parties from enemy squads while you're hunting down the loot.

There seems to be a story progression of the Quest system with a total of 11 quests all in all. The artifact that you are supposed to collect will be nine pieces in total.

Based on the main website of Apex Legends, you can go on weekly Hunts into Kings Canyon at Night to retrieve said pieces with your squad, or if you're up to the challenge, go solo.

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Kings Canyon Unearthed

The changes in King's Canyon are just amazing; there seems to be some verticality now in some parts of the map, as seen on the trailer when legends Pathfinder and Loba seemingly jumped down off a cliff, but only to land on a platform below.

This isn't new from Respawn since previous seasons already showed map changes, but this adds more things players need to master to be at the top.

In season five, expect a new battle pass with lots of cosmetics and rewards for you to keep yourself and your squad busy. You even get the chance to see Loba performing her ultimate ability by dropping her staff on the ground and saying "Shop's open for business" before pulling it out once again while an enemy squad interfered.

The trailer ended with Loba encountering her nemesis, Revenant by performing a finisher move on the assassin and saying, "You should smile more," before pulling the trigger just below its chin.

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