United States Army researchers, along with the University of Texas in Austin, have formulated new ways to destroy the Coronavirus in a human body. According to new research, 18 new sets of antibodies were found from recovered COVID-19 patients.

While the experiments are still undergoing, the military said that this could be a good sign for the country to get a quicker response in creating the Coronavirus vaccine needed to protect everyone around the globe.


While waiting for the vaccine, 18 new antibodies were discovered by the US Army 

[BREAKING] 18 New COVID-19 Antibodies Discovered by US Army That 'Bridge Towards Vaccine Creation'
(Photo : POOL on Reuters)
[BREAKING] 18 New COVID-19 Antibodies Discovered by US Army That 'Bridge Towards Vaccine Creation'

Since experts had discovered that some recovered COVID-19 patients have released antibodies on their blood, the study for this claim continues. The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has focused its research on this aspect. As reported by Fox News, 18 new potential therapeutic or neutralizing monoclonal antibodies were recently discovered. 

Gen. John Murray, Commander of Army Futures Command, said that their agency has been speaking with other experts at the university to identify "potentially neutralizing" antibodies that will directly destroy the virus. 

Not all of the 18 newly-discovered antibodies will technically neutralize the virus. However, the report says that there are highly-potential ones that may "bridge its way to a vaccine."

"We look to find sequences that are binding to COVID-19. Then we send them off to test their ability to neutralize. A neutralizing antibody keeps a pathogen from being able to proliferate. We assemble antibodies and select winners," said Dr. Jimmy Gollihar, synthetic biology research scientist, U.S. Army Capabilities Development Command, Army Research Laboratory-South, in an interview about the process. 

How does the antibody work?

COVID-19 antibodies are not a straight-up vaccine against the virus. These blood packets are collected from the recovered Coronavirus patients.

Research says that once a person recovers from the virus, there are possibilities that their blood contains antibodies that can fight against the presence of the virus strand, making it less contagious and dangerous for the health of the patient.

"The blood draws happened under UT supervision. When we pull all of the V Cells, we are pulling their full repertoire, everything they have. The challenge is to find antibodies that are binding to COVID-19. Once we find them we produce them and send them off to the lab," Gollihar said. 

SARS antibody to cure Coronavirus?

[BREAKING] 18 New COVID-19 Antibodies Discovered by US Army That 'Bridge Towards Vaccine Creation'
(Photo : POOL on Reuters)
[BREAKING] 18 New COVID-19 Antibodies Discovered by US Army That 'Bridge Towards Vaccine Creation'

Nature published a report on Monday, May 18, saying that researchers have discovered another antibody from a SARS virus survivor. 

The researchers suggest that the SARS survivors' blood also have distinct similarities of antibodies that may defeat the virus in a DNA strand. 

Researchers from the University of Washington tested 25 various antibodies but found one particular sample named S309, which has a "potent" neutralizing antibody against the COVID-19. 

With the help of the S309, researchers will be able to mix this substance to other less potent antibodies. If the experiment is successful, the Novel Coronavirus may be stopped from mutating-- resulting in the possible flattened curve of cases. 

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