As the demand for delivery service has spiked during the coronavirus pandemic, an Australian entrepreneur has developed an online scheme that allows local delivery within two hours for just $7.95.

Australia has lagged behind Europe and America when it comes to online shopping and delivery. Without their delivery service, local stores often rely on the post office or expensive couriers.

This is where Carl Popovic found an opportunity, so he created an app that allows local retailers to compete against giants like Amazon and Kmart. He launched his eDelivery service in Melbourne last week, and he aims to expand its operation nationwide by July.

The technology took three years of hard work and will allow shopping to be delivered within two hours for just $7.95.

Similar to Uber, it connects retailers to a network of private drivers who went through stringent assessment. Also, partner drivers can be paid up to $50 per hour by accepting a task on their phones. 

The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Keele
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An Asda employee makes a delivery in Keele, Britain, April 1, 2020.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Popovic, who developed the app in his hometown Melbourne said: "eDelivery fulfills the last mile in the logistics chain."

While other companies can deliver within two hours, they charge about $40 or $50. In contrast, eDelivery uniquely offers the same service for just $7.95, which Popovic thinks as "the key to making the whole process work".

After three years of rigid research and development, Popovic is confident his team has revolutionized the delivery service.

Moreover, eDelivery offers its partner drivers with a great compensation package. Its advanced technology ensures drivers are well-paid, even up to $50 an hour, while customers get their package fast at a really low price.

Popovic said the digital platform required a huge amount of work and is designed specifically for bricks and mortar retailers. "It was an amazingly long process and a lot of sleepless nights," he added.

Meanwhile, their projected $50 an hour salary for drivers is a substantial amount, but it is possible with such an efficient technology that enables more deliveries within an hour. This gives more income for drivers while reducing costs for retailers.

How does eDelivery work?

Currently, it is hard for businesses to compete in online shopping as sales giants like Amazon. Thanks to eDelivery's unique technology, shops now can have packages delivered to customers within just two hours.

This delivery model applies to stores with a distance of 20km from each other or a delivery radiance of 10km. Once an order is received, the store has 45 minutes to pick the items, pack them, and label the package while the driver has 15 minutes to collect the parcel and deliver it to the customer.

However, if retailers cannot complete the package within 45 minutes, they can advise the driver and customer to extend the estimated delivery time.

Here is how eDelivery works?

  1. The customer creates an online order, which must be a maximum of 10kg.
  2. The retailer assigns the order to the nearest location to be picked, packed and labeled within 45 minutes.
  3. Once the order is ready for delivery, it is directed to eDelivery for collection through its IT platform.
  4. The order is then assigned to a network of drivers who are properly checked, vetted, and trained.
  5. Depending on their size, the technology chooses the most suitable delivery vehicle for the order, which is being delivered by batch every 15 or 30 minutes.
  6. The nearest driver will be notified, then he or she accepts the order via the app. The driver must reach the store within 15 minutes to carefully scan each parcel.
  7. Drivers rely on Google Maps for the fastest route for multiple collections and deliveries.
  8. Customers will receive a text message 10 minutes before their delivery arrives.
  9. Once delivered, the driver gets a proof of delivery, then moves onto the next nearest location.

Retailers may sign up for eDelivery through its website while those who want to become a driver can register at

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