GTA 5 Mod now allows its players to ride their own bikes in the game's virtual world of Los Santos. Indoors exercises, including indoor cycling, became popular since the start of implementing lockdown across the globe because of the coronavirus pandemic. New realms of realism were brought to the indoor exercises activity by many online video game-like platforms such as Zwift. The ingenious GTA 5 Mod has taken these features to whole new other levels.

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According to The Next Web's latest report, the popular video-game's users can now ride their own bikes around GTA 5's massive virtual world with the GTBikeV mod. Players can experience riding in the streets of Los Santos as if they were really there. The new mod will allow users to connect their smart trainer and bike to the game, allowing them to use their indoor exercise bike while an in-game character will represent them in the virtual world.

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The game's review also clarified that the players can ride on the highways just like in real life and get wasted by reckless drivers, which is one of the iconic scenes of GTA. Firing a gun and perform a ride-by shooting can also be enjoyed by the players, although that feature is a tricky one since they have to use a conventional game controller while they are cycling.

Chris Pritchard, cycling YouTuber, and former bike racer, created a video tutorial that will help the players once they are up and running. The game mod is simple, the player needs to hop on their bike, and smart trainers like other players in Sufferfest, Zwift, and other virtual gaming platforms.

GTA 5 Mod allows you to ride your own bike in its Los Santos virtual world: You can now connect your bike and smart trainer to the game

GTBikeV borrowed many features that have made Zwift so popular among cyclists. The game can replicate the gradient road of Los Santos by controlling the resistance of the player's smart trainer. On the lower right of the screen, key performance on a virtual bike computer is displayed.

Players can also have trained with minimal fuss since predetermined routes are provided in the game. There are two options given: they can ride one of three premade routes or explore the virtual world in "free ride" mode. Users can control their in-game character by setting the game to "auto-drive" for the mod to take care of the rest, just like how Zwift functions, or they can use a controller or keyboard to navigate their virtual character. 

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