A chilling video shows the horrific last moments of a kayaker lost at sea off the New South Wales, Australia coastline. Jeremy Worthy, 43, posted the video on Facebook Sunday, May 24, as a last-ditch rescue plea just hours before his body was found in the water.

In a DailyMail report, Mr. Worthy had posted a final plea for help on his social media account before his empty kayak was found washed up on the beach.

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What happened?

The adventurer, who was hopelessly trapped in the tumultuous swells miles from land in any direction, lamented in the video, saying there's no going back where he came from.

"[Do I] keep going or stay here?" he said.

Pictures uploaded on Facebook from 11:20 a.m. Sunday shows the native Yass, Australia, had embarked on a fishing trip for kayaks.

His attempts to get back to Snapper Island near Batemans Bay were outlined as the current and powerful winds forced his kayak further out to sea.

Mr. Worthy also described the difficulties he was facing as waves washed up upon him.

Despite getting "swamped while launching," according to an 11:36 a.m. post, Worthy said the conditions were not too bad past the waves on the shore.

Mr. Worthy had posted a final plea for help on Facebook before his empty kayak was found washed up on the beach.

At 12:21 p.m., he posted a live video while paddling through the swell, telling the camera that he was tired from struggling against the tide.

"This is tiring, pushing me where I don't want to go," Mr. Worthy told the camera about his bleak predicament. He said, "[his situation is] cold and wet and dark."

"Sitting here thinking, who wants to be an embarrassing fool, to ring marine rescue," he added.

He then posted a map of his location with no description while on the kayak.

A woman commented on the post saying she wished the 'reality of the situation' had been realized.

Around 12:30 pm Sunday, emergency services were called to the beach, just nine minutes after Mr. Worthy uploaded his last video to Facebook.

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Before Mr. Worthy's body was found between Square Head and Sandy Spot, someone found an empty kayak and informed the police.

An officer retrieved the body and received CPR before paramedics arrived, but he died on the scene, NSW Police said.

Surely be missed

Mr. Worthy's friends and family flooded with tributes on social media, remembering him as a 'true friend' who would be 'missed by everyone.'

"Jeremy, I wish I had of seen this and called marine rescue as not long after you drowned," one netizen wrote, adding the 'good morning' greetings would surely be missed.

One of his friends "couldn't believe" Mr. Worthy passed away just like that since they had only seen each other a couple of days ago. "Fly high mate, forever loved and missed by everyone you have truly been a good friend," the netizen said.

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