How to play Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition with style? Here is what you need to about the new Nintendo Switch game that everybody has been talking about.

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First things first

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition finally arrived in the beloved mini-console. It hosts a very deep battle system in which you would need to master finishing the game with ease and not to mention style.

The system is very similar to Xenoblade Chronicles 2; with that said, if you've already played the game, then you'd need to adjust your game style just a little bit. However, if you're a newbie, then you must read this guide to make sure you'd catch up to the veterans and not let them see you're new to the game's rather difficult battle system.

The game's tutorial helps give the most basic information and various components of the Xenoblade Chronicle'sbattle system. However, not all of it is explained, and you'd need a very big brain to understand it in just one sitting.

Understand the battle system

Think of the battle system as something of an MMO than a more traditional JRPG. You can maneuver your character around during real-time battles and would perform auto-attacks when your characters are positioned close enough to the enemy.


Let's talk about Arts; when your character does auto-attacks, it will slowly build up their Arts, which are special attacks that can run the gamut from buffing allies, restoring HP, dealing direct damage, and cast debuffs. After using an Art, a cooldown will happen before you can use the skill again; don't worry since the more you level up, it will decrease the cooldown time, so keep on grinding.

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Now a more advanced explanation of Arts is that they also deliver secondary effects like status conditions. For example, if you use Shulk's Stream Edge, it will inflict a Break status on the enemy, and you can exploit it by using an Art that can make them Toppled. Once the enemy is Toppled, it will cause them to be temporarily vulnerable and then cast another Art that could make them Dazed.

Never forget to use Arts with secondary effects and know when to use the right one at the right time, especially if you're dealing with difficult enemies, and much more so if you are fighting bosses. Once you gain mastery of the status conditions, you will make it easier to finish the fight as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Chain Attacks and Party Gauge

Party Gauge is essential in winning fights, keep doing well in battle, and your party's Affinity will gradually increase. One segment of the Party Gauge can be spent on warning your party of an incoming attack or reviving a fallen teammate. Once all three segments are full. This is the time where you can perform a Chain Attack.

Chain Attacks will freeze time and let you manually select any Art for each member for them to use. This will be the perfect time to inflict maximum status conditions and damage to your enemies.

Monado Arts are also useful and will be able to unlock more of them once you progress to the story. You will need them to deal with escalating threats in your party, for now, Shulk's Monado is the only weapon capable of hurting the Mechon.

The Monado can give Shulk the power of clairvoyance, and you will need to use that to your advantage in every battle. With clairvoyance on your side, you'll see what the enemy will try to do and change the future.

And that's a wrap! Those are all the things you need to know to escape death properly and master the battle system that millions of fans around the globe love so much that it's both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Now do your best and have fun!

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