Over the weekend, several Twitter users had reported the website of Amazon U.K. after seeing racial comments from a user on the Apple Airpods listings page. Interestingly, the said comments were not deleted right away by the online store. This caused controversy between the customers that had seen the discriminatory words and the fact that they don't know how long these racist posts were flashed on the page before Amazon deleted it. 

Amazon UK website bombarded with 'N-Word'; Store now deletes them

As reported via BBC on Sunday, May 31, multiple listings on the Amazon UK website contained insensitive and racist comments on their pages.

If you happen to search for 'Apple Airpods' and similar products over the weekend, here's what you might have seen in the online store.

Several racist remarks are saying the 'N-word' had been all over the place on the website. It was unclear whether how long the posts were active on the Amazon U.K. website before it gets reported and deleted by the management.

However, it seemed like it had been a long period since screenshots of the posts already circulated on Twitter.


Nadine White, a journalist for the Huffington Post, tweeted that the abuse "needs to be acknowledged, removed, explained, apologised for asap. Being Black right now is hard enough; we don't need to be called the 'N-word' while shopping online, to boot". 

Amazon now deleted the listings with 'N-Word' 

The Amazon website said that a 'bad actor' did all the changes on the listings. The management did not elaborate on the details about the said 'bad actor.'

"We investigated, removed the images in question, and took action against the bad actor," Amazon told the BBC.

George Floyd's case stirs racism in the U.S.

Racism is now one of the most-talked-about issues in the United States over the story of the Black man George Floyd's death circulated online.

Law enforcement has been in total lockdown on Minneapolis, Minnesota to control the extreme violence that is still happening right now on the state. 

Shots fire, looting of stores, and multiple injuries were already reported. The issue of racial discrimination was also heightened during the event. Even the U.S. Pres. Donald Trump was bashed online for posting phrases like "when looting starts, shooting starts."

Some Twitter users connected this issue to this past event. 

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