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Doctor Performs CPR On Shooting Victim Unaware She Was His Wife

The mass shooting at a San Diego synagogue on Saturday left one person dead and three others wounded. A doctor who was at the scene at the time even performed CPR on one of the victims, who turned out to be his wife.

Feature | Health April 29, 2019

Genetic Research Could Be Suffering From Racial Bias To Detriment Of Science

Researchers found that the majority of participants in genomic studies of human diseases are of European descent, ignoring the diverse populations around the world. They argued that this might exacerbate health inequalities and even harm the public.

Public Health March 23, 2019

Nobel Laureate James Watson Stripped Of Several Honorary Titles

Dr. James Watson got into trouble once again after he had reiterated comments widely regarded as racist. The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in which he once served as a president, severed ties with the DNA scientist.

January 12, 2019

Chinese People Online Defend Einstein's Racist Observations During The 1920s

Einstein's personal journals were found to contain racist attitudes during his travels. He criticized China while he was traveling there in the 1920s, now some Chinese people are defending his portrayal.

Space June 15, 2018

Researchers Translate Einstein's Diaries And Discover That He Had Racist Thoughts About Chinese People

The recently translated journals of Albert Einstein revealed that he had some racist views. He wrote xenophobic words about Chinese people while traveling in Asia.

June 13, 2018

White Yale Student Reports Black Student Napping In Dorm's Common Room To Police

Yale University police responded to a call from a white graduate student that was reportedly related to racism, The black graduate student fell asleep inside the common room of the dorm, which prompted the former to contact the campus authorities.

May 10, 2018

Mo'Nique Demands Netflix Boycott Citing Color And Gender Bias

Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique has demanded fans to boycott Netflix streaming service. This comes after she has claimed to have experienced color and gender bias from the company.

Celebrities January 21, 2018

FaceApp Launches A New Round Of Racist Filters: The App's Creator Even Defends The Controversial Move

FaceApp, the controversial photo editing app, is again under racism allegations. The app launched Asian, Black, Caucasian, and Indian as its new filters, and from the names, you already know that there would be racist undertones.

Apps/Software August 10, 2017

Are 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' And 'Far Cry 5' Racist To White People?

Some recent game reveals like 'Wolfenstein II' and 'Far Cry 5' have shown willingness to address mature themes and issues still present in America today. However, the Far-Right think that games like these are, specifically, anti-white.

Video Games June 13, 2017

Pepe The Frog Is Dead: Creator Matt Furie Ends Existence Of White Supremacist Mascot

The creator of Pepe the Frog has killed his marquee character, which has accrued popularity over the years for all the wrong reasons. How did the racist, anti-Semitic, offensive frog came to be?

Comic Books May 9, 2017

FaceApp Apologizes For Racist Filter That Gave Users Lighter Skin: AI To Blame?

FaceApp is a photo-editing app that utilizes artificial intelligence to make changes look more realistic and natural. However, the app raised accusations of racism as its "hotness" filter made the skin tones of people lighter.

Apps/Software April 26, 2017

A Woman Was Left Stranded By AirBnb Host Because Of Race: Is There Racial Bias Among AirBnb Hosts?

An Asian American woman and her companions were left stranded after their Airbnb host allegedly canceled their reservation with offensive text messages. Does Airbnb have a racial bias problem?

Viral April 9, 2017

YouTube Personality JonTron Cut From ‘Yooka-Laylee’ Voice Cast Over Racist, Anti-Immigrant Comments

Developers of Kickstarter-funded 'Yooka-Laylee' have dropped JonTron, who did voice work for the game, over racist, anti-immigrant statements he made last week. The developers, while distancing themselves from JonTron’s comments, promoted diversity.

Video Games March 23, 2017

Google Introduces New Advertising Safeguards, Pledges To Pull Ads From Racist, Sexist, And Offensive Videos, Sites

With Google facing mounting uproar from brands over their ads’ presence on offensive videos, the web company has now introduced stricter policies that’ll more efficiently pull ads from offensive videos. No set date, however, has been offered for full implementation.

Internet March 22, 2017

Fighting The Good Fight: Google Donates $11.5 Million To Bolster Racial Equality And Justice Causes

Google has announced its commitment to bolster racial equity in the country’s criminal justice system, believing that data can be part of that step forward. It’s donating $11.5 million for the cause, significantly larger than its previous efforts.

Google February 24, 2017

New Study Explores How Doctors Can Combat Discrimination By Their Patients

Researchers at Stanford University have developed strategies on how medical trainees can deal with discrimination from patients and their families. One of these is putting the importance of the patient's health above all other matters, including the family members’ prejudice.

Public Health October 27, 2016

Racist Facebook Posts About Obama Lead To Pennsylvania Mayor's Resignation

Charles Wasko, the mayor of West York, Pennsylvania, recently resigned after a public scandal hit the media. He stepped down only days after his racist Facebook posts involving President Obama caused public outrage.

Internet October 19, 2016

Palantir Technologies Accused Of Discriminating Against Asians: Department Of Labor Files Lawsuit Against Federal Contractor

The United States Department of Labor has accused Palantir Technologies of racial discrimination against job applicants who are Asians. The company has denied the allegations, stating that it will vigorously defend against the claims.

Business Tech September 27, 2016

Blizzard And Twitch Partner To Tackle Chat Racism And Harassment

After an incident involving racist remarks made on a chat to a 'Hearthstone' player, Blizzard pledged to work with Twitch to create a program that will tackle such incidents of racism and harassment head-on.

Video Games May 18, 2016

This Is How Stereotypes Affect The Way Your Brain Perceives Faces

A new study stresses that, whether you like it or not, you have your own biases. These biases then affect your view of other people’s faces.

Life & Style May 5, 2016

Racial Bias Still Plagues Chicago Police: Task Force Report

A new police task force report painted a disturbing picture of Chicago Police District. It practices racial bias, which is growing in an alarming rate.

Society April 15, 2016

Racial Discrimination In Workplace Leads To Stress

Racial discrimination still happens in the workplace. A new survey revealed that unfair treatment and racial discrimination is contributing to the high stress levels of adults in the United States, particularly among Hispanics and black Americans.

Life March 12, 2016

Watch John Oliver Ask Why Whitewashing In Hollywood Is Still A Thing

With less than a week to go until the 88th Academy Awards, 'Last Weekend Tonight' host John Oliver wants to know why things like an all-white roster of Oscar nominees can still happen in 2016 - and it looks like whitewashing in Hollywood is the answer.

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2016

Germany Convinces Google, Facebook And Twitter To Delete Hate Speech Within 24 Hours

Germany has reached agreements with Google, Facebook and Twitter for the removal of hate speech online within 24 hours from being reported. This is the latest step in the fight against online racism amid the refugee crisis.

Internet December 16, 2015

Study Spotlights Racist Tendencies In Airbnb Hosts

A Harvard Business School study proves that Airbnb's lack of user anonymity sparks racial prejudice in hosts. African-American profiles receive 16 percent less positive response than White profiles.

Society December 12, 2015

7 Minutes Of Meditation Can Reduce Racial Prejudice: Study

A popular Buddhist meditation technique has shown to reduce feelings of racial prejudice. Seven minutes of this meditation technique could reduce racial bias.

Society November 23, 2015

Defaced Portraits Of Black Faculty At Harvard Being Investigated As A Hate Crime

Harvard Law School is faced with a racist act just a day after its students of color joined a protest against racism. Dean Martha Minnow calls for a community meeting to discuss the seriousness of the issue

Internet Culture November 21, 2015

Tim Cook Says Apple Not Racist But Video Shows Melbourne Store Giving Black Teenagers The Boot

Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent out a company-wide memo condemning the racial profiling of three black teenagers at its store in Melbourne. Meanwhile, the company has done a lot to try and push workplace diversity.

Business November 15, 2015

Tim Cook Apologizes, Inclusion Training After ‘Unacceptable Incident’ In Australian Apple Store

After an incident that involved racial profiling in an Apple Store in Melbourne, company CEO Tim Cook calls for 'training on inclusion and customer engagement.'

Society November 13, 2015

University Of Missouri Police Arrest Two Men For Racist Social Media Threats

Two men have been busted by the University of Missorui police for allegedly posting racist social media threats against African-American students at the university. The threat left university students, particularly African-American students, deeply terrified.

Society November 12, 2015

Apple Apologizes After This Footage Of Racist Behavior Sparked A Social Media Outcry [Video]

A video has been posted on Facebook that shows an Apple Store employee and two security guards asking a group of African students to leave because they feared the students would steal something. The incident has sparked outrage among thousands of netizens across the globe.

Society November 12, 2015

Google To Donate $2.35 Million To Help Fight Racism

Google's philanthropic arm,, has announced that it will be donating $2.35 million to a number of groups in the San Francisco Bay Area to help fight racism and other social issues.

Money November 3, 2015

Teenage Inventor Ahmed Mohamed Finally Gets His Clock Back: What's Next For Him?

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old teen whose arrest for bringing to school a homemade clock mistaken for a bomb caused worldwide attention in social media, finally got his clock back. Delighted, Ahmed and his family are preparing to leave for Qatar anytime soon.

Society October 24, 2015

German Chancellor Confronts Mark Zuckerberg On Policing Facebook Hate Posts

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a luncheon regarding what the social network is doing to police racist posts on the German version of the website.

Internet September 28, 2015

Tennis Star James Blake Becomes Victim Of Racial Profiling: A Tackle Instead of Hug

James Blake, a retired black tennis player that once ranked No. 4 in the world, was forcefully slammed to the ground and arrested by a white police officer in Manhattan. Blake suffered minor injuries.

Society September 10, 2015

Bret Hart Rips Hulk Hogan, Says He's Glad That Ex-Wrestler Got Caught In Racial Tirade

The Hitman says he never remembers Hulk Hogan being a racist, but glad the wrestling icon was caught nonetheless. He added that he hopes that the WWE doesn't reinstate Hogan anytime soon.

Movies/TV Shows September 4, 2015

Study Shows Racial Bias May Affect Decision To Shoot At Targets

When split-second shooting decisions have to be made, individuals exhibit racial bias whether or not they realize it, a study says.

September 2, 2015

Reddit Swings Ban Hammer And Updates Content Policy: What To Know

Reddit has quarantined several subreddits, and has banned several ones as a result of the updated content policy. Among the subreddits that were banned include those that were dedicated to animated child pornography and extreme racism.

Internet August 6, 2015

Hulk Hogan Thanks Family And Supporters Following Row Over 'Racist' Remarks

Hulk Hogan extends his gratitude to those who supported and defended him following the controversy from a leaked racist rant.

Society July 27, 2015

'Jurassic World' Under Fire For Supposedly Racist Dinosaur Shorthand

'Jurassic World' is enjoying rave reviews and fantastic earnings, but there's a cloud hanging over this picnic: some are claiming that one of the film's dinosaur names is racist.

Movies/TV Shows June 24, 2015

Spider-Man Is A White Kid Again, And Here Is Why You Should Be Angry About It

Whitewashing superhero movies isn't a good color on anyone. It's time to embrace a POC hero, one who can inspire us to do better.

Movies/TV Shows June 23, 2015

Listening To Specific Sounds While Sleeping Can Reduce Race And Gender Biases

Unconscious social biases are still rampant in our society, but a new study suggests that sleep is an effective target for reversing them. Administering interventions during sleep produced significant, lasting effects.

Society May 29, 2015

Michelle Obama Talks Racism, Discrimination And Ferguson At Tuskegee University 130th Commencement Ceremony

First Lady Michelle Obama addresses students at the historically black Tuskegee University. Persevere through the slights and stereotypes, she told the 500 graduates on Saturday.

Society May 11, 2015

LeSean McCoy Accuses Chip Kelly of Running 'All The Good Black Players' Off The Philadelphia Eagles

LeSean McCoy is questioning Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly's motives in '[getting] rid of all the good black players.' McCoy, now on the Buffalo Bills, will play against his former Eagles team on December 13.

Movies/TV Shows May 6, 2015

Mindy Kaling's Indian-American Brother Got Into Med School By Pretending To Be Black

Calling himself an 'anti-affirmative action hacktivist,' Vijay Chokal-Ingam says posing as Jojo, a black man, is what got him accepted to med school.

Society April 6, 2015

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