Private messaging platform Secure is all out in support of peaceful demonstrations after it introduced a new feature that auto-blurs the faces of protesters, Tom's Guide reported

It has been an issue, especially about identity and possible identification by the police, among rallyists, should someone they know or authorities see them protesting based on their photos published online. For protesters who are also working in offices, this new Secure feature will also let them voice out their insights without being threatened to lose their jobs. 

To give a background, several people are currently in protest against racial discrimination and police brutality within the "Black Lives Matter" campaign. It follows the recent death of African-American George Floyd in the hands of the police. 

Several onlookers own mobile phones and photographers around the protest areas who may deliberately just take photos without being concerned about the people on the photos, especially when they post. 

According to the experts, this isn't safe. 

This is why the app created a feature that will automatically blur faces, thus stopping authorities from identifying you in the crowd. It adds more privacy since these photos are shared through the application. 

The app utilizes face-detection to get started blurring the faces, but users may also manually blur using the provided tools. The resulting images will then be anonymized in the chat, and the app also allows you to save these blurred photos in your Gallery, making it usable in the future. 

How to use the feature

To use the feature, begin by taking part in a chat, and as you tap the camera icon and take photos of the crowd or of yourself, tap the 'blur' icon. 

You will get to the Blur Faces toggle. Simply use your finger to blur faces and other elements in the photos manually.

In addition, the feature also lets you remove your location and other data that users think might encroach on their privacy. Here are the steps. 

First, open the Photos app in your device. Choose the photos or clips that you want to share. Click on the Share button, but remember to click Options at the top. Tap the toggle next to Location, turn it off, and click Done. Now, you can select the option on how you want to photo or clip to be shared. Under the toggle for Location, you can find All Photos Data, the report added.

What's happening now

The latest news about the protest says the violence is now beginning to ease, and the curfews are getting more relaxed, according to the New York Times.

All 50 U.S. states are staging protests, including the country's capital, Washington D.C. Around 400 towns and cities are hosting these rallies. There are more incidents taking place. 

In Minneapolis, a police precinct was recently burned down, while in Atlanta, the office of CNN was vandalized. A CNN reporter and crew were arrested in Minnesota live as they were airing. Furthermore, vandalism and looting are massive in various cities.

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