Ever since the coronavirus pandemic happened and everyone was forced to stay inside, people have been spending more time on Netflix and similar video streaming services where they can binge-watch entire seasons of different TV shows.

Additionally, Netflix has its fair share of original series and movies that fans can add to their list.

Everything in the streaming platform is quite straightforward, but for those who aren't well-versed with the site or haven't been exploring a lot, here are some tips you'll wish you knew sooner for a smoother Netflix experience.

Become a Netflix Tester

Netflix is always on the lookout for testers who would try new features that they are planning to release.

As a tester, you will be one of the first few users that can use the features. The only thing they need from you is in-depth feedback on what you like about the feature and what you think needs more improvement.

To sign up, go to Account, choose Settings, and then click on Test Participation.

Hide Your Viewing Activity

There are many reasons people hide their viewing activities, especially when they share accounts with friends or family members, and they don't want others to know they've watched ahead.

Or maybe they have some unique tastes that they aren't quite too comfortable to share with others. Perhaps they just don't like seeing a long list under the "Continue Watching" tab.

Regardless of your reason, you can choose to hide your viewing activity by going to the View Activity page and clicking on the icon next to the show that you want to hide. You can hide an episode or the entire show as you'll be given the option to do so.

You can even delete your entire viewing activity with the option on the bottom of the page.

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Secret Codes to Help You Explore

Netflix is home to hundreds of shows, and you can find the platform's best picks for you, depending on the shows that you have been watching. However, there are secret codes that you can input on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

These secret codes will help you go through available shows on Netflix sorted into different categories.

All you need to do is type www.netflix.com/browse/genre/(secret code), and the site would then show all the shows you can watch under a specific genre.

Special Browsing Extensions

There are several browsing extensions you can use that will allow you to either watch the best qualities available for any show by default or would allow you to choose from shows minus all Netflix originals.

There's even an extension that binge-watchers will love best as it will automatically play the next episodes and skip the title sequence.

Netflix has been around for a while, and although there are several new rivals in town, it's still one of the most popular platforms with a fantastic array of shows anyone can watch depending on what genre they want to watch best.

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