Even YouTube influencers have vowed to donate their earnings and ad revenues to support the "Black Lives Matter" campaign. In a report on CNN, many influencers will be donating 100 percent of the revenue to the cause.

One of these donors, YouTuber Zoe Amira, went beyond the initiative and posted a video that highlighted music, poetry, and more art from black artists. The video is at about one hour. All of the ad revenue will go to organizations that provide financial support and bail funds for the families of the victims.

Part of the donations will go to advocacies and other initiatives in the campaign. Amira's video is now shared worldwide and has garnered more than eight million views. The demographics of the audience comprised of teenagers and young adults who are not financially independent.

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How to help

Even YouTube fans have a special participation in generating revenue for these influencers. They have to watch the video, making sure the ad-blockers are disabled, and turn the volume on. Be sure never to skip these ads, so the revenue gets in. They must not mute the video, but can mute the tab should they want to.

There are more influencers like touchdalight and Stephanie Soo, who also will follow what Amira did with videos specially intended to raise funds for the campaign. These videos tackle topics about racism, but with various sub-topics.

These YouTube sensations have always depended on ads to earn money. They do it through the AdSense program on Google, wherein these video creators are able to instigate ads to their videos, with views presented in real-time.

Doubts from fans

However, there are fans and YouTube watchers who doubt if the money really goes to charity.

Even Amira herself revealed how she was uncertain how much earnings do the two million-plus views generate. She requested tracking from Google but has not yet received a response as of press time.

The report mentioned another YouTuber who revealed her one million video views are worth $10,000 to $50,000.

Amira received a tweet from one of the netizens, saying, "I hope you're legit." The tweet even asked her to present receipts to make sure that the money really does get forwarded to charities. It is important for them because they'll be spending time watching their videos.


YouTube itself admitted, according to the media reports, that they do not have a system that allows these creators to donate their AdSense earnings to a specific channel or charity. Once they are able to get hold of the money, this is the time when they can personally process their donations to the chosen charities.

However, YouTube does have a Donate button for creators who wish to raise money for qualified non-profits directly. Actions are being done, nonetheless.

They created the Spotlight channel to offer an entry point to discuss racial justice issues, including updates from the black community. Plus, there will also be educational clips and historical content.

Looking back, there are video creators who have taken this move in the past, particularly during the Las Vegas shooting. A video creator named Casey Neistat said, "Literally a video about charity where I state all Adsense is going to that charity. YouTube says not suitable for advertisers."

To which YouTube responded, saying, "We do what you're doing to help, but no matter the intent, our policy is not to run ads on videos about tragedies."

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