GSM Arena recently published its report that Google is launching one of its newest features, a noise cancellation feature in artificial intelligence with Google Meet.

The increase of employees working at home and the need for Internet-based meetings increased today in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic-the reason for this tech giant to introduce a noise cancellation feature for video conferences. The feature removes several background noises that people normally encounter when doing video calling.

In April, the feature was announced, but only at this time that it is starting to roll out and expand across markets. G Suite's product management director Serge Lachapelle explained how this new feature will work.

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The feature in artificial intelligence, known as the "denoiser," utilizes machine learning to eliminate outside noise that will not be part of voice speeches during calls and video conferences. Media outlets also released videos of the feature in action, with Lachapelle talking about how it conquers sounds as little as those coming from pen, water glass, or food bag. It also cancels out noise from children, home appliances, and pets, as well as vacuum cleaners.

He added that the feature is still "work in progress," and they are not yet resolved on how the noise cancellation or sound blocking can be able to distinguish different vocal ranges and noises coming from non-living things.

Furthermore, Google is also offering end-to-end encryption for Google Meet. The denoising feature right here will work on Google servers live during the calls, then forwarded back to users. The new feature is going live on the web client of Google Meet later this month, followed by iOS and Android apps.

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"It works well on a door slamming," Lachapelle shared. "It works well on dogs barking; kids fighting, so-so. We're taking a softer approach at first, or sometimes we're not going to cancel everything because we don't want to go overboard and start canceling things out that shouldn't be canceled. Sometimes it's good for you to hear that I'm taking a deep breath or those more natural noises. So this is going to be a project that's going to go on for many years as we tune it to become better and better and better."

Zoom is the global leader in providing platforms for video conferencing, especially in this time of the pandemic. According to a report on Ars Technica, they saw a 30x increase in usage between the months of December last year and April 2020. 

"In addition to Zoom supporting a lot more participants than the competition, Zoom has had a free tier for years, while Microsoft Teams only added free video conferencing last week, and Google Meet only opened up to non-G Suite users in April. Now both companies are scrambling to catch up to Zoom," Ars Technica's Rom Amadeo wrote. 

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