Tracking devices. We often have that vision of those tiny, circular, black things they use on spy movies to track down a car or a target. 

But in real life, these tracking devices aren't as inconspicuous as the ones and the movie, and instead of tracking down big bad people, you can use these tracking devices to help you remember where your keys are your luggage, or even your loved ones, especially young kids, elderly family members, and your furry pets.

If you tend to forget where you put your keys or track down your loved ones, or maybe ensure your car doesn't get stolen, here are tracking devices you can buy on Amazon.

MasTrack MT-OBD Live GPS Vehicle Tracker with Engine Diagnostics

Amazo tracking device tracker finder
(Photo : Amazon)
MasTrack offers a vehicle tracker to assure you always know where it is.

First on the list is this vehicle tracker from MasTrack that not only provides GPS alerts every one minute, but also provides engine diagnostics, informing you when it's been turned on and off and where your car is at the moment.

This vehicle tracker offers nationwide coverage covering both the United States and Canada, so it doesn't matter if your car was brought to another state--you'll know where it is. However, you'll have to pay a monthly subscription for that.

The messages and alerts will then be sent on your mobile device.

Most importantly, there is no installation required, making it the perfect device for anyone. You just need to plug it into your car's OBD II port.

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Tile Inc Bluetooth Tracker and Finder

Amazo tracking device tracker finder
(Photo : Amazon)
Get four Tile trackers with this pack.

When it comes to tracking devices and finders, Tile is one of the industry's leaders.

This Tile tracker is water-resistant and easy to attach to different things, including in your keychain along with your keys, your pet's collars, somewhere in your car, and on your bags. Then with your smartphone, you can make the tracker ring when the object it's attached to is near, but out of sight.

You could also make it work the other way around. If you can't find your smartphone, just double press the Tile button, and the device its synced to will ring.

There's also a community of Tile users, which would be helpful if your stuff with the tracker is far away.

Best of all, this device works with Alexa.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Amazo tracking device tracker finder
(Photo : Amazon)
You can attach this Samsung SmartThings Tracker on various objects.

This Samsung tracking device works well for your loved ones and your pets, or your stuff, such as your bags, keys, and even cars. It's best known for providing accurate locations.

It's LTE-based, so as long as the device is within the range of a cellular network, it would work, and you can track it down quickly. And since it's LTE-based, this Samsung tracker comes with a free one-year service from AT&T when you buy it via Amazon.

This is also not just a tracker. If you're a busy parent, you can instruct your kid to press the button twice on the device when they are ready to be picked up, and you'll be alerted. It's also a great device if they are in danger or lost as the device provides their location.

With a single charge, you can use this tracking device for a week.

Nutale Focus Key Finder Smart Tracker

Amazo tracking device tracker finder
(Photo : Amazon)
This tracker from Nutale is compact and offers long battery life.

Last on the list is this smart tracker from Nutale, which you can easily attach to a variety of bags, purses, luggage, keys, and even your pet's collars.As with most smart trackers on this list, this device is paired with an app so you can locate where it is in an instant. Once the connection cuts, both the tracker and your mobile device will ring to alert you.

Finding your belongings is easy as you only need to tap the button on your app, and the tracker will connect to it and will tell you where the object is.

It's small but packs some long battery life of up to 10 months. Then, you can easily replace it when it's drained. 

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