Marvel released the first teaser for its Ant-Man film and it was met with a lot of excitement. Although not as well-known as the Avengers or other more popular Marvel heroes, the studio is hoping to repeat the success of their other blockbuster movie which featured their more obscure characters, Guardians of the Galaxy.

But who exactly is Ant-Man? Aside from his ability to, as his name implies, change size to extremely minuscule proportions, does he have any other notable abilities? Here's a quick primer to the newest Marvel hero to join his brethren on the big screen.

Ant-Man made his first appearance in the 181st issue of Avengers in 1979. His real name was Scott Edward Harris Lang who is normally 6 feet in height, but can shrink himself down to half an inch. While his reduced form can communicate with insects, he can also retain the force and power of a punch of a normal sized human.

An electrician and ex-con, Lang had "some mighty big boots to fill," according to Marvel, when he took on the mantle of Ant-Man from the original hero Hank Pym, who began the legacy in 1962.

In the comic books, although he was greeted as an intruder at first when he showed up at the Avenger's Mansion to install a new security system; Tony Stark, his boss, intervened, and he was able to help the Avengers on many adventures.

Throughout the comic books, Lang proved himself to be a loving father and loyal friend first and foremost. In fact, he first discovered the Ant-Man costume and equipment when he broke into the home of the original Ant-Man in order to find money to pay for an operation for his daughter, Cassie.

After proving himself time and time again, Lang became an official member of the Avengers. By this time, his daughter was also a super hero in her own right and even had to save her father from the brink of death.

Throughout his history, Ant-Man proves to be a family man before anything else. It will certainly be interesting to see how his larger than life adventures translate onto the big screen.

Here's a first look at Ant-Man's foe in the film, Yellowjacket with his plasma cannon-equipped suit.:

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