As announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year, Apple Watch 07 will have a significant software upgrade.

Sleep monitoring is a beneficial addition to Apple's compressive health tracking system, which is a feature missing from Apple's trademark watch compared with competitors like Fitbit. A public beta of the new app this month will come, while the complete version will release in September. You can expect to pay for that in battery life, though.

Hopeful fans would think the inclusion of sleep tracking in WatchOS 7 will have a longer battery life to make up for this significant new feature in the next Apple Watch Series 6. Sorry, but there's no. Possibly not, according to Apple.

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Native sleep

Apple's technology vice president, Kevin Lynch, said sleep monitoring is "one of the Apple Watch's most sought after apps." This is definitely an exciting addition, and it seems like Apple has given it a lot of thought, Digital Trends reported.

First, you set a goal for a night's sleep. When that's completed, the Wind Down feature will automatically eliminate notifications from your phone when bedtime is close. The feature would help you focus on getting your eyelids closed using recommended meditation software. 

Subtle alarm sounds or simple haptics will also wake you up in the morning, and a cheery good morning message will be displayed on the screen.

Bedtime sounds lovely and relaxing with Apple, doesn't it? Even when you look bleary-eyed at the watch screen, a battery level indicator is at the front and middle. Bonjour, world. Hello, anxiety over the battery.

Apple's health app development manager, Vera Carr, used some exact terms to explain what's going on next in this fictional morning routine. We don't leave much room to hope for battery life over a multi-day cycle.

"Once you're up, you'll see a friendly greeting easing you into the day. [The screen] also shows your battery level, so you can remember to charge in the morning," said Carr.

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New health app

Apple is working on a new wellness app, according to MacRumors. Unlike the existing Activity app that tracks your progress and is already on the Apple devices, this one would give you guided workouts for a variety of activities.

For the Apple Watch, there's no shortage of third-party fitness apps like this. However, a native fitness app could put a lot of those out of business. The app would be available on both the iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. And this could be free. The study from MacRumors says there is no evidence of in-app purchases, but that doesn't automatically rule out a subscription-based strategy like Apple Music.

Apple Watch will also automatically detect hand washing and start a 20-second timer. If your Apple Watch notices you have finished washing your hands early, you'll be told to proceed for the full 20 seconds. Additionally, the Apple Watch may remind you when you get home to wash your hands.

WatchOS 7 is available in beta today for Apple registered developers, with a public beta to follow next month. The software update will be released in the fall to all users running an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer.

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