CES 2015: Here are 10 Weird Gadgets We Have Seen so Far


The Consumer Electronics Show is a showcase of top technologies from different companies all over the world. The variety of new gadgets on display proves that the world has definitely entered the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

While the event highlights advances in communications, entertainment, transportation and other sectors, there are always some gadgets featured in every CES that can be considered the "weird" ones for the year. CES 2015 is no exception from that.

Parrot Pot

Parrot, a drone maker, revealed a plant pot that does not require users to water the plants inside. Users can connect the Parrot Pot to a Parrot H20 system that automatically waters the plants, with the pot measuring the moisture of the soil, ambient temperature, fertilizer amount and light levels.

Netatmo Welcome HD Smart Home Camera

Netatmo unveiled the Welcome HD smart home camera, which features a facial recognition system that detects family members as they come home and also informs other users of their arrival. While having such a device monitor the user's every move is creepy for some, the device could help parents keep tabs on their children.

Rollkers Roller Skates

Rollkers developed a high-tech version of roller skates, which allows its wearer to move much quicker, improving walking speeds to reach seven miles per hour. The increased walking speed, the company said, does not require any additional effort.

Emiota Belty

Emiota showcased the prototype of the Belty smart belt, which slims down or expands depending on the wearer's posture and frame. These adjustments ensure that the belt remains comfortable at all times without sacrificing its purpose.

Misfit-Swarovski Partnership

Fitness tracker maker Misfit featured its new partnership with Swarovski through two new Shine wearable devices with crystal faces. These new devices can also be partnered with nine matching accessories by Swarovski.


Kube combines high-tech speakers with a refrigerator, in a system that can operate on a single charge for up to 20 hours. The device has a cooling compartment of a size of 33 quarts, where users can place their food or drinks.

Vigilant Rainbow Smart Toothbrush

The smart toothbrush of Vigilant Rainbow is able to record data regarding the brushing habits of its user. The device can connect to the user's smartphone to store the information, which would also allow access to interactive games.

Slow Control Baby Glgl

Slow Control's Baby Glgl is a device that holds baby bottles, recording how quick a baby drinks milk and how much milk the baby consumes. The device then sends the data to a connected mobile gadget.

Edwin the Duck

Edwin the Duck is a toy rubber duck that can function as a wireless speaker and create a connection with a smartphone through the toy's companion app, installed to allow children to play games.

Skechers Game Kicks

Skechers debuted new shoes that allow children to play an electronic version of the matching game Simon Says. The Game Kicks come in sizes for kids and versions for boys and girls.

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