With technologies reducing the size of laptops and computers, storage space has never been so tight, particularly with all the high-resolution files, photos, and movies we download. Gamers of PC, Xbox One, and PS4 need greater storage as some titles require more than 50GB of space, rising to over 90GB in some cases.

This is why we need external storage to cover our ever-increasing storing demands. And getting the best portable hard drives: those that are cheap, spacious, and fast are just what we need. All we need to do is to plug our devices in, and we can transfer files anytime.

Here are some of the best external SSD and HDD from Amazon to cover all your storing needs at the budget you have. Check them out, and you may just find the right external storage for you.

Verbatim Vx500

Best ultra-compact external SSD

With its tiny package, the Verbatim Vx500 is packed with a sufficient amount of storage. It performs pretty well with just a small body that measures 92mm long, 29mm wide, and 9mm thick. The package comes with two cables, a USB-C to USB-C and a USB-C to USB-A.

Its stylish silver aluminum housing has a USB-C port and a single status LED beside it. While the drive prides itself with reading speeds of up to 500GB per second and writes speeds of 440MB per second, these claims are fairly conservative in our tests.

The Verbatim Vx500 comes in 120 GB and 240 GB (64.01 USD) as well as 480GB (107.81 USD) models. While it has no built-in encryption, it is a simple tiny drive that is packed much power.

WD My Passport Ultra

Best external hard drive with USB-C support

The WD 4 TB My Passport Ultra is slightly expensive at 114.55 USD, but it has some features that you will surely need. It is very compact at only 82 x 110mm, although the 4TB drive versions are a bit chunky. This hard drive is quiet and works without any fuss, and it looks a bit more stylish.

The added price provides better performance, USB-C port, cable as well as an adaptor to cover those with USB Type-A laptops and computers. While the read and write speeds are not that remarkable, which peaks at 134MB per second and 126MB per second, respectively, which are enough for mainstream users.

It also comes at 1TB and 2TB variants that cost 74.12 USD and 87.60 USD, respectively.

Seagate Backup Plus

Best external hard drive

Seagate Backup Plus proves that mobile USB drives are now the mainstream. It is a compact, USB-powered drive that comes in 1TB to 5TB capacities, which provides a lot of storage with minimal hassle, size, and weight.

With its 3.2 Gen 1 USB connectivity, it surprisingly reads at 151MB per second and writes at 134MB per second, both faster than other drives. While it somehow lacks in style and features, only having a USB Type-A cable and drive utilities, its new fabric finishes, and the bundled month's subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud is already a good deal.The Seagate Backup Plus is the best external hard drive--it is portable, solid, fast, and reliable storage. This chunky little hard drive covered only at 66.26 USD for 1TB, 84.23 USD for 2TB, 98.83 USD for 4TB, and 119.04 USD for 5TB. 

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