Are you using one of the favorite Chinese video-sharing apps, TikTok? If yes, here are the infamous 'Anonymous' hackers warning you. There is something wrong with this app, and you need to uninstall it right away. Now that's a legitimate scary warning coming from the world's biggest hacking organization. So it must be true, then. 

Even Anonymous wants you to delete TikTok

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Another warning for TikTok users had been made this week. Though you may think that these claims of being a 'Chinese spy' app were no longer new to TikTok, here's where it gets interesting.

The infamous organization of hacktivists worldwide called The Anonymous called out the users of the app on Wednesday, July 1, saying that TikTok must be deleted immediately on phones due to its security issues.

Forbes reported that the hacktivist group posted a warning in their official Twitter account saying the harmful effects of having TikTok on someone's phone, even advising people to warn anyone they know to stop using the app. 

The post also includes a link to the original Reddit post that extensively shows how the app works like a hacking device to all its victims. 


They called the app a 'Chinese malware' allegedly being used by the Chinese government to run a massive spying organization, using the info they get from the app. 

The post is now on its 80,000 likes and nearly 50,000 shares on Twitter. 

How does TikTok hacks someone's phone?

Based on the circulating post made by an unknown male Reddit user who said to reverse-engineered the app, TikTok is nothing as "a data collection service that is thinly-veiled as a social network."

"They provide users with a taste of 'virality' to entice them to stay on the platform. Your first TikTok post will likely garner quite a bit of like, regardless of how good it is ... assuming you get past the initial moderation queue if that's still a thing. Most users end up chasing the dragon," said on the post.

To make things worse, according to the post, TikTok's logging data is "remotely configurable, unless you reverse every single one of their native libraries and manually inspect every single obfuscated function."

All the CPU type, memory usage, disk space, and hardware ids were allegedly being saved on TikTok once users install the app. 

Maybe people will listen to Anonymous, right?

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