CES 2015: The 'Ring' to Control Them All? How Logbar Gesture Control Ring Works


At CES 2015, Logbar showcased a product that is simply called Ring, which bears the slogan "One Gesture, One Magic."

Developments in smart home technology look to provide the user with the convenience of controlling everything within the home without the need to lift a finger. The concept of Ring comes very close to that ideal situation.

Users of the Ring are given the ability to operate appliances within the home through waving their finger in the air, representing an efficient way of connecting smart home technology at the expense of obvious Lord of the Rings jokes.

Last spring, Logbar was able to raise funds of almost $900,000 for the product through the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. However, the company admitted that their first attempt in developing Ring was not perfect, starting with the size of the device.

Ring was simply too big, looking like the commemorative rings handed out for champion teams of sports leagues. In addition, Ring was made with zinc, which caused interference with the device's signals that it sends to the user's smartphone.

The new version of Ring was featured in CES 2015, with its size largely decreased compared to the original version. In addition, Logbar has now used materials that will not cause any problems with Ring's connections with smartphones.

The new Ring will go on sale by March, with Logbar stating that it is looking to set the device's price at $130, which is half the cost of the original Ring.

Logbar also unveiled the Ring Hub, which is an accessory that activates infrared communication. Through the accessory, users will gain additional features such as closing curtains, turning on TV sets and switching lights on and off by simply waving their fingers.

Logbar, however, released a disclaimer in its promotional material for its devices, issuing a warning of possible irritation, itchiness and rashes for the user depending on his or her health conditions.

According to Logbar, Ring includes a micro vibrator, a 6-axis, acceleration angular speed motion sensor and a touch sensor. The device also features EEPROM memory and a built-in wireless device firmware update system.

The battery of the device is a built-in lithium-polymer 3.7-volt battery, and promises a continuous usage time of about one to three days. The continuous standby time of the device's battery is about 18 days, with the charging time to fully charge the device at about three hours.

Ring comes in four sizes and has a transmission range of about five meters.

Ring - One Gesture is All You Need from Logbar on Vimeo.

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