Your smartphone may be packed with non-stop ads that will ruin your experience. According to Lifehacker's latest report, people will be really disappointed if they will be paying from $1,000 up to $2,000 for a Samsung smartphone that comes packed full of native ads. 

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As per a source, one of the aspects of the digital experience is advertising. 

Ads were dumped all over Samsung devices and apps. Some guides are provided. However, it didn't prevent Samsung's apps from filling up with advertising. But do not worry, here's is an easy guide that will help you get rid of those annoying ads.

Removing ads on your Samsung smartphone

There are other solutions that you can try to remove the ads, which are permanently eating various apps of your Samsung device. Not using Samsung's apps is the first and easiest step to do; however, if you can't uninstall them, you might need to go through some extra steps to remove them from your device. You can also disable the offending installed-by-default apps to avoid unnecessary steps; putting them in your App Drawer should be enough. It will only take about five minutes to replace the deleted Samsung apps. Here are some of the apps you can replace them with.

Samsung Music - TimberX

Bixby - Google Assistant 

Samsung Pay - Google Pay 

Samsung Weather - Geometric Weather 

Samsung Health - Google Fit 

Galaxy Store - Aurora Store 

Samsung Phone - Google Phone Port 

You can also try another approach if you decided to stick with Samsung's apps. AdGuard can help block ads across your operating system when wifi is used-- it can be set up for free using your device's "Private DNS."

Android Authority also confirmed that you can block the ads that are popping in Chrome. You can do this by opening up the browser, then tapping on the menu located at the top right side. Next will be going to Settings. Go to the Site Settings selections, tap on it, and then scroll down until you reach the Pop-ups option. Select the option; tapping the slide will disable pop0ups on the website.  

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