The Fortnite island was flooded for the end of season 2, so for a few weeks, players had to make do with a flooded island, use their swimming skills, tame sharks, and ride whirlpools to go from one place to another. 

Fortnite Season 3 Leaked Map

However, a leaked map of the new Fortnite map was uploaded online, courtesy of Fortnite leaker VollMitBox. It quickly went viral, showing a somewhat new map after the flood has receded, finally revealing the old places that were part of the season 2 map.

According to The Sun, the following places that will make their return are the Slurpy Swamp, Dirty Docks, Risky Reels, Weeping Woods, and the Craggy Cliffs.

Fans expect the update to arrive in a few weeks, and players will finally get to see these familiar locations.

But there appears to be a new addition to the map based on the leaked photo: The Ruins.

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Is The Ruins Atlantis?

Some players speculate that The Ruins could be Atlantis, the home of Aquaman, who is this season's special Battle Pass skin, much like Deadpool from last season, that players could get near the end of the season after completing all of his tasks.

The rumors seem to have been solidified by another photo uploaded by a Fortnite player on Reddit, showing Aquaman's trident embedded on a rock found in the area.

Apparently, the player found it on Fortnite's replay mode.

It won't be surprising as last season, The Yacht was added to the map, and it turned out that Deadpool would use it for partying, so The Ruin could likely hold some significance connected to Aquaman for this season.

The Comeback of an Old Fave

It seems like Epic Games is bringing one fan-favorite back: the Vending Machine in related news.

Apart from changing the map every season for some new challenges for long-time Fortnite fans, Epic also likes to change the items from the game and add or remove something to the island.

Each of these items has various uses and could be helpful for the players--among them is the Vending Machine, which provides high-tier items for the players as well as access to healing items.

These Vending Machines used to be scattered all around the island, but Epic decided to remove them like most items in the game.

Now, according to a report by Slash Gear, it appears like the devs are bringing it back as a Fortnite player saw one in a building underwater during the game's replay mode last month.

The player decided to share the find on Reddit, and many are asking the same questions: will Epic decide to bring back this old fan favorite?

Season 3 has a few more weeks to go, and the flood is apparently reducing, so we might see the changes that have been mentioned above in the coming weeks or so, most likely after a meaty update from the devs in the following weeks.

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