Long-time followers of Atlus and the Persona series are already familiar with the game's gameplay and Personas' addition, which help players in battles.  

The Maria Persona

As with past titles, Persona 5 Royal has a bunch of Personas that you can get and use in battle, especially in tougher fights with dungeon bosses--one of them is a Persona called Maria, and according to the game's description, Maria is the maternal figure of Christianity.

Maria is only available for Joker, who can fuse Personas to get new entities as well as the shift to another Persona mid-game.

Other Persona 5 Royal characters have an assigned Persona to them.

According to ScreenRant, Maria is one of the game's most powerful Personas, so it's not surprising to see tons of players wanting to craft this Persona through fusion, which is much like with Persona 4 Golden where players can fuse Arcana cards to form a more powerful guide in battle.

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How to Get a Chance at Fusing Maria

Nevertheless, Maria is one of the most challenging Personas that you can get in Persona 5 Royal through fusion as players are required to complete the Faith confidant first.

However, you can only achieve this by the end of the third semester, which is already near the game's end.

This is because you can only max out your relationship with Kasumi, the character you need to focus on for the Faith confidant, by the start of the third semester, so be sure to spend more time with her whenever you can.

Besides that, you also need to unlock the third semester before you can fuse Maria. 

That will also require maxing out your relationships with Akechi and Maruki before the cut-off and leveling up the Personas you will need to fuse.

If you fail to do so, you'll end up getting the normal ending without seeing some extra content from the Persona 5 Royal, which is basically the expanded version of the Persona 5 title.

How to Fuse the Maria Persona

So, say you have completed the Faith confidant and was able to unlock the third semester, what Personas will you need to get the Maria Persona?

Here's a list of the combinations you will need:

  • Unicorn, Phoenix, Tam Lin, Cu Chulainn, Okuninushi Atavaka + Orichalcum (minimum level 76, maximum level 83)
  • Unicorn, Phoenix, Tam Lin, Cu Chulainn, Okuninushi Atavaka, Siegfried + Regent Orlov (minimum level 94, maximum level 92)
  • Unicorn, Phoenix, Tam Lin, Cu Chulainn, Okuninushi Atavaka, Siegfried + Queen's Necklace, Hope Diamond, Crystal Skull, Emperor's Amulet, Koh-i-Noor, Stone of Scone (minimum level 84, maximum level 92)
  • Lovers 85 Ishtar + Star 93 Lucifer
  • Magician 86 Futsunushi + Emperor 82 Baal
  • Chariot 88 Chi You + Emperor 84 Odin
  • Judgement 92 Satan + Hierophant 76 Kohryu
  • Lovers 78 Raphael + Star 93 Lucifer
  • Empress 85 Mother Harlot + Temperance 84 Ardha
  • Tower 90 Mada + Strength 80 Zaou-Gongen
  • Lovers 85 Ishtar + Star 84 Hastur
  • Emperor 82 Baal + Chariot 88 Chi You
  • Councillor 80 Vohu Manah + Hermit 89 Ongyo-Ki
  • Emperor 84 Odin + Magician 86 Futsunushi

Persona 5 Royal is available on PlayStation 4.

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