Could a public vehicle be charged with a parking ticket? Apparently, it can happen. Meanwhile, the study shows that most Americans now prefer to ride their own cars in the midst of a pandemic, instead of to ride public vehicles. Most of them see this as the 'safest place' to be at once the virus spreads even more.  

'It's quite bizarre': Bus gets a parking ticket for just 6 minutes

A traffic officer issues a parking ticket to its government public transportation bus after the vehicle was said to be parking in a wrong bus stop, BBC reported.

The Centrebus service, one of the most trusted bus operators in England, was faced with an about $88 bus parking ticket after the incident. 

As explained by the bus driver, he stops his bus from a restricted bus stop in order to get food from a long-day work. Then, only six minutes later, a traffic official gives him a parking ticket for parking at the wrong spot. 

Centrebus operations manager Mick Rossitor voiced out his complaints against the ticket. He called the ticket as 'absolutely ridiculous' and said to be a 'slap in the face' of each of their drivers, pushing to work amid a pandemic. 

"It's quite bizarre. The driver is out all day, and takes his breaks on the road, he went across the road during the layover to get a sandwich and a drink," said him. "Six minutes later a traffic warden had slapped the fine on the bus. It's completely unfair."

In defense of the traffic warden, the notice "was issued as the bus appeared to be parked up and unattended." This was the reason why the bus driver gets issued with a ticket during the six-minute count. 

However, Centrebus wants an appeal. Despite that, Leicestershire County Council said they're going to reconsider the said issued ticket. 

"As a council, we only deal with a small number of this type of offense and the work done by our enforcement officers is important in deterring drivers from parking inappropriately as we look to keep our roads and streets safe and traffic on the move." 

Car vehicle is now the safest place for Americans

In related news, Americans are now looking at cars as the safest place to be around within the pandemic era. 

The survey shows that 80% of Americans prefer to stay and drive inside their private cars, compared to joining strangers inside public transportation. 

55% would not want to ride a public bus while 49% don't like riding ride-hailing vehicles like Uber or taxis. 

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