Fans are awaiting the arrival of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Bungie's summer offer for its players. But before they can enjoy the new season, players could finish the new Missive quest first, which will unlock a new exotic weapon and keep them occupied for the time being.

According to Digital Trends, the new exotic weapon in question is the Ruinous Effigy trace rifle, and if you want to get it, here's how you can complete the Destiny 2 Missive quest.

The Interference Mission

Firstly, head to the prismatic recaster next to the Drifter in the Tower, after you have logged in on Destiny 2 to get the new Missive quest. The next step is called Interference in Io, which sounds pretty straightforward--but it's actually quite complicated.

Before you can continue, you have to complete the weekly Means to an End quest and then collect Umbral traces, but the way you can gain them isn't always the same so check the quests in your inventory and complete whatever is available.

The Interference mission will be unlocked after acquiring enough Umbral traces, then simply head to Io and defeat a bunch of enemies until you interact with a branch to unlock the next step.

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The Next Steps

Next, you'll need to complete two Destiny 2 Missive quest missions: collect Calcified Light fragments and then defeat Savathûn's Marionettes.

For the Calcified Light fragments, you can find them in Io, Mercury, Mars, and Titan. You can find them by heading to the public areas and pulling out your ghost. You just have to follow the markers that will appear on-screen to find 25 of these fragments.

Meanwhile, the Savathûn's Marionettes are found on Io and Titan and apparently spawn more during the Contact public event, so run some rounds of Contact and defeat the Taken to spawn the Marionettes.

To quickly complete these tasks, you can hunt them down while looking for the Calcified Light fragments.

Feed the Branch for the Ruinous Effigy

Remember the branch you interacted with earlier? You'll need to feed it to turn to the Destiny 2 exotic weapon you've been waiting for--and the best way to do that is through the Destiny checklist.

That means you'll have to defeat enemies through chain precision multi-kills and void damage until each task hits 100% or is completed.

Additionally, you'll also have to complete matches of Reckoning or Gambit runs.

Apparently, the best way to tackle and finish all three tasks is to equip a void weapon that you currently have with high precision and then join any of the activities mentioned above.

Once you've completed the Destiny 2 Missive quest, you can go to the Umbral Decoder to receive your exotic new weapon, the Ruinous Effigy, which "collapses victims into Void Transmutation spheres."

Basically, this rifle would turn enemies into spheres that you can pick up and attack your enemies with it, making it a must-have if you're a big fan of the game.

Destiny 2 Seasons of Arrivals will end in September, so you still have a few weeks to go to complete the Missive quest and get your own Ruinous Effigy rifle.

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