Rocketbook Everlast As A Real Help For College Students
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Students have to make a lot of notes studying in college. Nowadays, the most widespread way to note something is by using paper notebooks.

Some time ago, the Rocketbook company released a leading-edge reusable notepad. Let's review the most innovative notebook and how it can benefit students.

What is The Rocketbook Everlast?

Everything becomes smarter these days, and paper notebooks are not an exception. This notebook foresees the ability to make handwritten notes and remove them with ease. Grab some water, a piece of fiber, and clean all the pages.

This notepad comes with a top-notch app that allows you to scan, save, or share all your notes with no hassle.

Benefits of The Rocketbook Everlast

There are a lot of factors that make this notepad so popular. This innovative solution resolves a large number of problems and simplifies students' life. Let's discover why a lot of learners decide to replace paper notebooks with the Rocketbook Everlast.

Classic Format

Even though Rocketbook Everlast is endlessly reusable because of using synthetic polyester instead of paper, it still has a well-known format of a classic notepad.

It comes in two different sizes. There are letter or executive size notepads available. The bigger notepad comes with 32 pages, and the smaller one with 36. It's more than enough to write dozens of college essay drafts.

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Reduces Paper Waste

Since the Rocketbook Everlast is an endless notepad, it helps reduce paper consumption and saves the environment. This notebook avoids the necessity to buy new paper notepads.

Frees Up Space

The Rocketbook Everlast can free up space in your backpack by replacing all paper notebooks. Moreover, there is no need to store hundreds of used paper at home. The number of pages that you can store is limited by the memory available on your smartphone or desktop. 

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After scanning and saving your notes from the Rocketbook Everlast, you're free to erase them. There is no need to use a special eraser and spend many hours clearing all the pages. Get a wet towel and wipe out all your notes.

Convenient Scanning

The Rocketbook app is a forward-looking application that makes this notepad smart. Grab your smartphone and scan your notes lightning fast. You can point a smartphone's camera on different angles. The software will process and scan your notes only.

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Convenient Sharing

At the footer of all the pages, there is a particular set of symbols. Each icon tells the app where to place a scanned page. If you need the application to export a page to Google Drive, cross a corresponding icon and scan.

Is It a Good Solution for Students?

Doubtless, it is the finest alternative to old-fashioned notebooks for students. Unlike electronic devices, there is no need to care about the battery file. Feel free to make notes whenever you want. When you don't have clean pages, scan, erase, and repeat with no hassle. Using the Rocketbook Everlast you will be able to experience the same paper-pen feelings.

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